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The fact is that slots are the driving force of the online casino industry today. And how can they be not? Online slots are popular and fun to play in hole world and so in Canada, and you can hit big payouts in one single spin. The offer of slots at online casinos is massive.

There are a big number of software providers that create video slots, so you can easily find over 1k slots at a single casino. Of course, as for any other casino game, slots have a number of myths about them. Well in this article we will show you the do’s and don’ts when it comes to playing online slots.

Slot tip 1: Learn the games first

It’s very important to know the games you are playing at the casino. This way you know what the game has to offer and what to expect. Online casinos offer players the chance to try the game in fun play.

You should take advantage of this and see what each game has to offer. You will see that some slots pay more frequent or bigger than others. With this, you can build an entire strategy around your budget and you can put it to the test when you make a real money deposit.

Slot tip 2: Play with a bonus

Yes, this is definitely a do when it comes to playing at online casinos. You can easily claim a bonus on top of your deposit and increase your starting balance. This way you can place bigger bets on the casino games and get bigger payouts in return.

Many players stay away from bonus promos because of the wagering requirements and bonus terms. But you have to look at this from another angle. If the games are playing at the casino the wager can be cleared in no time.

On the other hand, if you have no luck you will lose, regardless if you’re playing with a bonus or not. But, it’s better to lose $50 in real money and $50 in bonus money, rather than a full $100 in cash.

Slot tip 3: There are no cold/hot slots

This is the biggest and most inaccurate myth when it comes to playing slots. First of all, slots are driven by a Random Number Generator. This means that each spin is independent of the previous one and you can never predict the outcome. So how can you know if a slot is cold or hot?

Well, you can’t and that’s pure nonsense. Many online casinos put some slots into a hot category in order to attract players. But this is either done randomly or simply based on which slots are played the most at the casino at that time.

Also, if a slot is deemed hot then all players would rush to it and they would all win. So the casino would be out of business in no time. Again, hot/cold slots is pure nonsense.

Slot tip 4: The max bet rule is a myth

Yup, this is another foolish myth when it comes to playing online slots. Why? Well, 2 main factors to consider. The game simply doesn’t care if you’re playing on max or min bet. You have the same chance of winning or losing, regardless of your bet size.

The second thing to consider is the maximum bet value. On most slots today the max bet can be $100, $200, $500 or even more. So in order to play 100 spins on max bet on some slot, you will need at least a $1,000 starting balance, not to mention $5,000 or more for some slots.

Yes, you can hit a good bonus round and win, but you can also lose. Imagine losing $5k in 20 minutes. How long will it take for you to go broke?

Slot tip 5: Set a gambling budget

When playing online slots or any other online casino game it’s absolutely imperative to set a gambling budget. This is money you can afford to lose. Remember, all casino games have a house edge, so the casino will always have the upper hand. Setting a gambling budget will make you a better gambler in every way.

You can play relaxed and you will never have to chase your losses. If you win big, cash out and enjoy spending your winnings. If you lose the money allocated for gambling this month keep the control and wait for the next month.

If you start losing too much at the online casinos take a break. It’s better to accept your losses and quit, instead of going into massive debts trying to hit a big payout.

Slot tip 6: Never play under the influence

For some reason, gambling and drinking seem to go hand in hand. I can certainly understand this, as the euphoria of playing with real money can be intensified with alcohol or other substances. But the truth is that when you play under the influence you start playing carelessly.

You can start placing big bets being sure that the game will pay, but in most cases, you end up with a big fat 0 on your balance. So never play under the influence. Play calmly with a cool head and know when to stop.

Slot tip 7: Don’t stop playing after a big win

This is another popular myth among gamblers. Many players tend to stop playing a game after a bigger payout, thinking that the slot won’t pay anything decent after that. But this is not the case. The slot can certainly pay big again even after a big payout.

Again this is an RNG machine so the previous spin doesn’t affect the outcome of the next one. If the slot’s RTP value is being met you can easily get several great bonus rounds in a short period of time and walk away with a massive total payout. So a word of advice from someone who plays slots at online casinos on a daily basis.

If a game is paying a stick with it. After a big payout put in another 100 spins to see how it goes. You never know when the next big payout will come.

Have a nice day!

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