Boom City

Pragmatic Play continues to experience success by introducing a brand-new exciting game show, Boom City. The game features revolutionary mechanics that allow players to wager on and predict the outcome of two dice.

Boom City
Boom City

Live casino game shows are always entertaining, and the creators of Boom City Live certainly made it irresistible. It can generate wins of up to 20,000x with two dice, a massive board, and many extra features.

This article is ideal for fellow slot fans who want to discover more about the Boom City live casino game. Please continue reading to learn more about the game’s offers and why it is worth your time.

Play Boom City


Boom City Live is played with two dice and a large 6×6 grid. The grid picks multipliers, a “bust” symbol, or bonus symbols at random. One, two, or five times the cash prize is given for each multiplier.

Lucky Drop
Lucky Drop

When the bust icon is used, the round is lost. If you draw any bonus symbols, their extra feature will be turned on.

The grid’s size is deliberate, with each spot on the playing field the same as one of the six sides of the dice.

The two dice are rolled each time to see what symbol will be drawn.

The golden die picks the column that goes up and down, and the blue die picks the column that goes across and down. Boom City Live has an RTP of 96.21%.

You can expect to spend around 4 minutes on the game.

Some of the game’s main features include:

  • New wagering mechanic.
  • Game show format with a wide range of great scenarios.
  • Includes 3 bonus games.
  • 4K resolution.
  • Low latency in streaming.
  • Enables real-time interaction with the game host and other players.
  • Live Support.

Bonus games

Pragmatic Play added a lot of fun extras to Boom City Live. Let’s look at these exciting extras:

Dice battle

It’s an interactive bonus that enables you to decide how lucky you get. You can choose the blue or gold dice when the round begins. When you roll the dice, each number they show adds to their total number of points.

After three rolls, the two numbers are compared, and the multiplier wins are based on the difference. If you correctly predict the winning side, you will receive the winning and losing the multiplier.

Alternatively, if you choose the side that will lose, you will only get the multiplier for that side. With three consecutive sixes, you’ll receive a 500x bonus.

Lucky drop

The playing field in Lucky Drop has six columns, and each column represents a side of the dice.

You must choose a number from the dice (1-6). The particular digit you select corresponds to a number on any of the columns on the screen.

At the same time, both dice roll. Every time a die rolls your chosen number, the reward multiplier goes up!

If you’re lucky, your number will be multiplied by 4, giving you at least 200x.

Boom or Bust

This bonus game is played on its six-by-six grid. The bonus has several levels that players must move through, and each level has a bust icon and a multiplier reward.

If you land on a multiplier, you move forward, but it ends if you land on a bust.

There are, at most, seven rounds. Each round, you must make a choice. You can cash out or keep rolling, but you risk losing some of your multipliers if you continue.

Fortunately, you can’t lose in the first round, which means you will always keep that multiplier.

In the second round, however, one of the six numbers denotes you have to leave the game, while the other five mean you move up one level and get bigger multipliers.


Boom City requires $0.10 per round. The highest single-round bet is $5,000, and the game’s highest potential win is 20,000x.

Additionally, Boom or Bust can pay 1,000x the stake, while Dice Battle can pay 500x. The final booster round can win 500x. The game has high variance and a 96.43% RTP, so wager carefully.

Final thoughts

Boom City Live combines physical and digital RNG. It’s a climactic addition to Pragmatic Play’s game library, making it a live dealer contender. If you enjoy live casino games, you may want to try this one out.


How much money can I win playing Boom City Live?

You can win max 20,000 x your stake!

Where can I find the game Boom City to play?

Only online casinos that offer Pragmatic Play Live Casino Games will allow you to participate in this game. Check our Pragmatic play casinos list above.