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Many players believe that if they choose a casino that accepts the Canadian dollar, they will receive lower bonuses or even fewer gambling options compared to an online casino that only accepts EUR or USD. That’s not true! If you choose a casino that accepts the Canadian dollar currency, you will have far more benefits than if you had chosen a casino that doesn’t accept it.

Canadian online casino players should always choose CAD to make deposits and withdrawals on gambling sites. You will not have to worry about currency conversions and exchange fees, you’ll have faster and more secure banking methods without delays and much more.

Below we’ve created a list of the best online casinos that accept deposits and withdrawals with the Canadian dollars. Also, you can learn step by step in our guide all you need to know about banking methods, how to avoid fees and what are the benefits of gambling at Canadian dollars casinos. Plus other useful info.

Online casino with Canadian dollars

Online Canadian casino games have been growing rapidly in terms of popularity for quite some time now. These games are thrilling to play, and you may get the vibe of playing in a real-life Canadian casino while comfortably sitting at home.

If you are a user of the Canadian dollar, you may opt to go for options which deal primarily in the local currency. The CAD is a popular currency worldwide, and Canada holds a significant market base for the gambling platforms of online casinos.

Keeping this in mind, multiple developers have endeavored to provide the online gaming facilities specifically for the general population to bet and win real-life dollars. Today, there are many online casinos which deal primarily in CAD.

If you want to know more about such gambling platforms, you have come to the right place. This article will venture to provide you with everything you need to know about the online Canadian casinos which deal in CAD.

Advantages of  Canadian dollar casinos

Before we show you all about the casinos dealing in CAD, it is better to first learn why you should need to think about opting for this option in the first place.

There are scads of benefits of going for an online casino which deals in CAD, especially in the case of those who are situated in Canada.

  •  The Canadian dollar is a stable currency if you choose to gamble using these dollars. The fact that it is stable and will not result in a loss even if you win will not be there on your list of worries.
  • About the list of worries, one other thing you can cross off it is that you will not need to worry about the tedious exchange processes of dollars.
  •  As the to and fro payment is going to be primarily in Canadian currency, there is no need to get it exchanged for any currency other than CAD.
  • The factors such as the game quality and high level of graphics will help you enjoy the game even more.
  • The gambling platforms which deal in CAD are totally safe and sound, which means there is a negligible risk of your dollars getting into the wrong hands.

Banking methods at casinos with CAD

When it comes to online casinos, one of the areas of prime concern is the banking method of Canadian dollars. The banking method needs to be fast, reliable, safe and valid.

There are not many options which fulfill this given criterion. However, fortunately, there are some which fulfill these criteria and the good news is that they are easily available and accessible to the Canadian population.

The following is a list of the different gambling platforms which are there for the online gambling platforms dealing in the Canadian dollar.

  • InstaDebit
  • iDebit
  • Interac
  • E-Checks

Using these Canadian gambling platforms, you can send as well as receive the desired payments in Canadian dollars.

Avoiding fees when playing at CAD casinos

One of the most major concerns of the Canadian players who opt to play online games using the Canadian dollar is the area of hefty fees. These fees may plunder your dollars and ruin your moments of happiness.

But, what if I tell you there is a way to avoid this misery related to CAD?

In order to avoid the high level of fees of multiple platforms, it is important for you to make sure that the platform you are using for the purpose of sending or receiving the dollars does not greedily strip away your dollars.

As a legal obligation, the online payment gambling platforms need to provide the details of the due fees they will charge. You need to investigate this and then decide to choose your payment option. The best way to go here, in this case, is to go for the online payment option which is charging the least amount of fees.

However, you also need to understand that it is better to pay a small fee and get your dollars instead of trying to avoid a little fee and ending up losing all your dollars.

For this purpose, you also need to validate the security measures of the Canadian casino platform dealing in CAD with lower payments in dollars to make sure that your dollars stay in secure hands.

Casinos that not accept Canadian dollars

There are also many which do not accept the Canadian Dollars as a mean of to and from payment. The casinos which do so have given out a list of the currencies they deal in or do not deal in.

But best advice is if you bump on like that casino you should avoid it or read the reviews and see if that casino trustworthy.

All top quality casinos have CAD as payment currencies, so if you see casino that don’t accept CAD, its better to skip it.

Are the CAD casinos safe?

The safety of the online gambling platforms is an important aspect to focus on for the gamers of any gambling platform. Especially, when there is the aspect of dollars transfers, it is important to make sure that there are adequate security measures in place. This is not an area you can choose to ignore.

CAD casino bonuses

The online platforms which can provide you the facility of playing casino gambling games usually offer lucrative bonuses in the form of dollars to provide the gamers with added incentives to play. The dollars can prove to be highly useful in the progression of the online game and can even help you in winning real-life dollars.

Customer support

Customer support is one of the most pivotal factors for any online Canadian platform. If there are Canadian players who are new to any platform dealing in online Canadian dollars, they need to get adequate guidance first in order to avoid many potential online issues.

It is not rare for new online players to end up in situations which may result in multiple losses for the new Canadian online player playing with Canadian dollars, which could have been avoided easily.

For this purpose, there is an option for online customer support which is available to all the online players of the gambling platform. This can be in the form of online live chat, call centers or even emails.

Top rated casinos
4.3 rating
* New customers only | Min deposit: C$10 | Bonus valid: 14 days | Wager requirements: 40x | +18
3.8 rating
* New customers only | Min deposit: C$10 | Bonus valid: 30 days | Wager requirements: 35x | +18
3.3 rating
* New customers only | Min deposit: C$10 | Bonus valid: 60 days | Wager requirements: 35x | +18
3.5 rating
* New customers only | Min deposit: C$20 | Bonus valid: 3 days | Wager requirements: 45x | +18
4.0 rating
* New customers only | Min deposit: C$10 | Bonus valid: 30 days | Wager requirements: 35x | +18