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Previously Netherlands Antilles, Curaçao is a nation in the Dutch Caribbean. Curaçao is currently among the earliest and popular eGaming licensing zones in the world.

Accordingly, when it comes to gambling authorization, the nation has the most track records. The regulator has over 400 licensed casinos online and their clients keep on growing.

Initially, only an eGaming license was available when Curaçao eGaming was founded in 1996. However, it grew over time and assisted other eGaming businesses in obtaining licenses.

Furthermore, for clients to operate, CIL requires one sort of eGaming license and an IP license. Hence, this license is opening the door for a wider range of casino operators.

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What does CIL do?

Every business owner in the gambling sector needs a license to conduct business. The license protects gamers from shady casinos and lowers criminal activity. Thus, as a player, you should always verify the casino’s license before registering.

Curacao Gaming
Curacao Gaming

Since CIL grants a uniform license to all game types, it has distinguished itself among regulators. Furthermore, their licenses covers software developers and service providers.

Also, the regulator has embraced financial technology on cryptos. Therefore, it is one of the few businesses allowing traders to pay using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Curaçao government has granted this business a master license that enables it to grant permits to casinos online. Furthermore, the license is valid for unrestricted or unregulated markets worldwide.

Additionally, CIL offers one general license type along with their offering of an Electronic Gaming Licensing Authority to service and software suppliers and other pertinent clients.

Numerous types of electronic gambling are served by the single permit strategy, including sports betting, casinos, and lotteries. However, the association also offers two license types: master- and sub-licenses.

Both permit owners aim to engage in eGaming activities, including being checked for any criminal activity. The main distinction between them is the ability to grant sub-licenses with a master’s license, which is issued by the Minister of Justice.

How does the CIL license protect players?

By maintaining stringent laws and guidelines, Curaçao offers players and gambling operators appropriate security against dishonest tactics. Hence, the license guards players against the odd casino with nefarious intentions.

Any casino seeking association approval must pass several testing processes. Therefore, players will avoid being duped by dishonest casinos that treat customers unfairly in this way.

Additionally, Curaçao Interactive Licensing regularly evaluates new games that casinos introduce. This testing ensures that most new games adhere to all gaming regulations.

What countries are protected by CIL?

Worldwide casinos can use Curaçao Interactive Licence with an exception of a few regions. These exceptions include the USA, Singapore, Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, France, Netherlands, St. Maarten, Statia, and Saba.

How do I leave a complaint to CIL?

Players can file a grievance with Curaçao using three ways:

CIL complaints
CIL complaints
  1. Navigate to their site and select Contact from the tabs. Then, select File a Complaint from the menu and fill out the fields needed completely. Finally, select I am not a robot in the box and submit the data.
  2. Create an email including all the necessary details, including the casino’s name, address, phone number, website, and other contact information. To file a complaint, contact
  3. Post a grievance on the website of the validator by scrolling to the end of the casino’s home page. The icon for Curaçao eGaming will be visible and you can access their online license validator by clicking on it. Here, you may also verify the validity of their license. Carefully complete the stated fields and send them after ticking all the boxes.

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How can i find CIL for online casinos?

A sizable number of online casinos have a Curaçao Interactive License. Accordingly, these casinos typically display the Curaçao eGaming seal on their software. Hence, players must click on the seal if it is present in an online casino. The casino redirects to a website that verifies the validity of the license. Also, if any odd results surface, players should get help from CIL.

Why is it important to verify if a casino has a valid CIL?

Working with a casino that does not have licensing paperwork available on its site is never a good idea even if players might register to use the site as usual with them. However, they might cancel withdrawals or tamper with payment information, preventing users from getting access to money. Verifying that a casino has a CIL license guarantees players from these irregularities.

Where can I find a list of all CIL firms?

The four businesses in Curaçao that hold Master Licenses are Antillephone NV #8048/JAZ, Curacao Interactive Licensing N.V. (CIL) #5536/JAZ, Gaming Curaçao (GC) #365/JAZ, and Cyberluck Curaçao N.V. (Curaçao-eGaming) #1668/JAZ.

Check out their contact details for more information.