MGA license

Malta Gaming Authority(MGA) is a Maltese gaming regulatory board established in 2001. Formerly, it was called the Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA).

Typically, the commission monitors all the gambling activities done online and on land within a particular region. In a nutshell, MGA regulates gambling offices, slot machines, casinos, and fantasy sports.

The MGA license ensures honesty and clarity to all members. It prevents money laundering, crime, and corruption, offering minors and unguarded people protection.

Additionally, the MGA license contains a collection of legislation, directives, and regulations that control all gaming activities.

Keep reading this article to learn everything you need about the MGA license.

MGA license

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What does MGA do?

The MGA must license the gaming firms under section five of the Authorisation and Regulations. Therefore, all betting companies offering gambling services must acquire an accreditation certificate.

MGA license
MGA license

The two main types of MGA licenses are B2C and B2B licenses. A B2C license is for online gaming service providers, whereas a B2B license is for those running physical gaming premises.

Below is a list of MGA functions.

  • Malta Gaming Authority monitors all the gaming companies’ activities and keeps the sites free from violation and criminal-related activities.
  • It carries out audits and fortuity tests to authenticate the outcomes of all sports that involve chance.
  • MGA protects players’ deposits and withdrawals and ensures that licensees adhere to the legislation associated with privacy and data protection.
  • It also encourages responsible gaming by creating a safe casino gaming environment.
  • Malta Gaming Authority protects all impuissant and minors.
  • It protects players’ rights by investigating their complaints forwarded by the licensees.
  • Also, MGA is in charge of marketing and advertising, including bonuses and promotions.

How does the MGA license protect players?

The MGA license ensures players’ contentment, and for that reason, they should never agonize. MGA checks any gaming supplier’s technical and legal features to provide safety for all players. In addition, it has directives that all licensees must heed.

The Malta Gaming Authority license protects players by:

  • Ensuring that gaming service providers uphold laws set for players’ data protection
  • Checking transparency and fairness by auditing the licensees.
  • Inspecting all players’ complaints.
  • Assuring players’ funds are separate from that of the company.
  • Imposing regulations on risk-free and instant ways to transact money, thus warranting transparency.

What countries are protected by MGA?

The MGA has provided its license to at least 180 countries. However, the states also have policies that govern online gaming.

For instance, casino players in New Zealand can play on MGA-approved casinos. Furthermore, other countries like German have jarring online betting rules and policies.

The unprotected countries by MGA licenses include China, Indonesia, Australia, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Hong Kong, and Iran.

Other prohibited countries are Belgium, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Belgium, France, the Czech Republic, and Denmark. Besides, Angola, South Sudan, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Ethiopia are the African countries unprotected by the MGA license.

How do I leave a complaint to MGA?

Besides MGA addressing customers’ complaints in a moment, it also handles their information with stringent concealment.

MGA has an online form readily available on their official website, where players must answer a summary description of their assertions.

Per the rules and regulations, players shouldn’t forward their complaints using email since MGA does not consider complaints sent to them via their official email.

However, if players have general queries or suggestions or want to liaise with the MGA, they can email

Alternatively, they can call their telephone number, +356 2546 9000, or visit their offices at MGA, which are always open for business from Monday to Friday between 0900hrs and 1700hrs.

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How to find casinos with an MGA license?

The most effective means to find out about MGA-licensed casinos is by visiting their website. Here, players go to the ‘about page’ from the website.

Moreover, most casinos regulated by MGA display the Malta Gaming Authority trademark on their official website as proof of providing top-notch security and protection to players’ funds and information.

How do I apply for the license?

MGA has a License Relationship Management System (LRMS) through which gaming companies can apply for a license. After logging into the LRMS and submitting their applications, they can check the application status using the dedicated dashboard.

Also, applicants can find more information, including license fees, regulations, and Technical Checklist, in the download section.

Can I check MGA gaming companies?

Many websites give recognition to the best Malta gaming firms. However, the only place players can get fact-based information is the MGA’a database. The database lists all the gaming companies operating under MGA’s authority. Furthermore, players can search for the casinos provided by their search database.

While looking for a gaming company to explore, always check for a casino where your funds and data are well-protected.