Flat Betting

The term Flat betting simply means when a gambler decides to bet the same amount on every hand.

Flat Betting VS MartinGale
Flat Betting VS MartinGale

What’s more, the term “flat betting” is often used at land-based or online casinos.

Meanwhile, flat betting is also a betting strategy. Gamblers tend to use this strategy to stay on a budget.

When and who invented flat betting?

The exact time the flat betting theory became in use remains somewhat unknown.

However, it appears that flat betting was by an American player called George Miller.

Since its creation, flat betting modification has consistently suited modern-day gambling.

How does flat betting work?

Flat betting is all about betting the same amount all the way or throughout your gaming section.

The amount you stake as a flat bet depends on whether you win or not.

Check out how the flat betting strategy works below:

Set amount

To adopt flat betting as a gambling strategy, then you need to set a specific amount as a budget.

For instance, you can set a weekly or monthly gambling budget.

Let us assume your monthly gambling budget is $1,000, then your flat bet will be $10 per stake.

According to the flat betting rule, you must stake 1% of your betting budget.

Increase bet

Although the rule of flat betting is that you stake a particular amount over a long period, you increase it. T

o increase your flat bet, you need to ensure that you have also gained some profit.

For example, if you stake $10 for every stake for one month and earn an extra $300, then you can increase your next must bet to $13.

Decrease bet

Your flat bet should also decrease when your betting budget drops.

For instance, if you lose $300 and are left with $700 at the end of the month, then you need to reduce your bet.

In that case, your next month’s stake should be $7 per stake until it increases again.

Meanwhile, choose a bookmaker with the highest commission or odds to make more profit.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Flat betting like every other betting strategy has its pros and cons.

However, the unique thing is that flat betting seems to enjoy a lot of pros.

Let us check out a few of the flat betting advantages and disadvantages below:


  • Flat betting is a simple and clear betting strategy
  • It also helps you keep your bankroll from quickly draining
  • Flat betting is also flexible
  • It helps you bet responsibly without draining your bankroll


  • The slow growth of bankroll
  • You need a large initial capital to adopt a flat betting strategy

What games can i use flat betting on?

Interestingly, flat betting is a versatile gambling strategy that can be used in any game.

Nevertheless, flat betting land-based and online casino players often use flat betting.

That doesn’t mean that flat betting is limited to casinos that allow it.

You can use flat betting on games such as:

Flat betting is suitable for playing any game. You can use flat betting even when you choose to play online casinos for fun.

Not to mention, you can also use the flat betting technique for sports betting too.


Does flat betting guarantee that I will always win?

Flat betting, like all other gambling strategies, doesn’t guarantee that you will always win.

One major advantage of flat betting is that your bankroll will not be drained or exhausted so quickly.

This will be the case, especially if you adopt the static flat betting strategy.

Is flat betting a profitable strategy?

To some extent, flat betting is profitable. But flat betting limits your winning rate since you can not bet more than a specific amount. 

Adopting a flat betting strategy will not make sense if your winning chances are high.

How much does a flat betting strategy suggest you stake?

Flat betting simply requires that you stake the same amount throughout your gaming section.

Also, the amount you bet should be 1% of your total gambling budget.

To enjoy the flat betting strategy, then your capital must be high.