A good way to increase your chances at making money in sports betting by combining multiple bets is by parlay.

This is where you wager on one side and hope for that side to win, increasing your odds at success.

When you are winning, parlay recommends that you increase your bets. Parlay is a progressive betting system in addition to discouraging players from chasing their losses.

Parlay bet

Parlay – who invented it?

The parlay betting technique can be tracked back to the 16th century.

This method is related to a card game played by the elite known as Basset. The player bets against the banker.

Parlay is a system in which each consecutive wager is doubled if the initial bet is won. Gamblers adopt parlay in a variety of sports, including soccer and football.

How it works – The strategy in detail

In a parlay game, you can bet multiple times on the same event. The most common example of this is in sports betting where you can make multiple bets on different teams or scorers at the same time.

This allows you to double your return if you bet correctly and increases your chances of winning by spreading your bets out among multiple outcomes. A parlay game is a great way to increase your betting limits and winnings on the same event.

By splitting up your bets into smaller parts, you will be able to increase your return and decrease the odds of losing all of your money.

Parlay betting helps gamblers with a low bankroll to build up profit. Parlays allow you to group your bets together and bet a single amount instead of betting multiple times.

The first thing you must do is to establish a base bet. After reviewing your bankroll, you stake the first amount. Once you achieve your first win, increase your bet for the next time.

If you lose, return to the starting point. The Parlay wagering technique enables gamblers to manage their bankrolls.

The following is a simple example of a parlay. These bets can be much more complicated, and they may include a large number of wagers.

For example, you could wager on five teams covering their spread rather than just two.

If one team fails to cover its spread, you will lose the whole parlay, but if all five cover, the payout will be substantial.

The advantages vs disadvantages of parlay


There are several advantages to parlaying:

  • First, you can earn a lot of money from one bet.
  • Second, parlaying allows you to leverage your investments by spreading them across multiple bets. This can help keep your losses low even if one bet doesn’t work out.
  • Third, parlaying is a good way to diversify your betting account. It can help reduce the impact of bad bets in your overall portfolio.
  • Finally, parlaying can be fun and rewarding when you see big wins like hitting a home run or winning the lottery!


While a parlay is an excellent strategy for increasing your chances of winning, it does come with a few disadvantages.

  • First, you’re increasing the risk of losing money by betting more than you can afford. You must be careful not to overbet, or you can risk losing all of your investment.
  • Second, if you don’t know how to bet parlays, it can be difficult to choose which cards to include and which to leave out.
  • Third, as with any other strategy, it’s important to keep an eye on the odds and make adjustments as necessary.

Every time you win a big game, chances are you will want to keep betting until you win big again.

If you’ve taken time to research sports betting, you should be able to reduce those odds of losing money when you take the time to analyze your bets.

What games can you use Parlay on?

Parlay is a sports betting strategy!

There are many types of parlay games that you can choose from including straight up, pick’em, head to head, and multi-bet.

You just need to decide which one is best for you before placing a bet.


What are the chances of winning parlay bets?

The odds of winning a parlay bet vary greatly based on the number of games and bet types.

A two-team parlay with favorites is likely to be successful, whereas a four-team parlay including an underdog would have much lower chances of winning.

Is the Parlay technique a secure wagering approach?

The Parlay technique is one of the safest wagering approaches because it does not entice gamblers to chase losses.

Rule three mandates that gamblers return to their primary wager after a loss.

What happens to a bet if a game is cancelled?

Generally speaking, your sportsbook won’t remove an entire parlay when a game is cancelled.

Rather, that specific selection will be taken out of the wager.