Pivot points strategy

The pivot strategy is one of roulette games’ most popular betting systems in the world.

Pivot roulette system

It follows the principle of the “Law of the Third,” stating that out of 36 numbers, only 24 will be different.

The concept posits that the chance of losing after 36 numbers is minimal. It combines negative and positive betting strategies.

Who invented the Pivot strategy?

Alexander Makarov invented the Makarov system for Russian roulette.

The pivot strategy is very similar to the Makarov system, which is where it came from.

However, the difference between them is that the Makarov system doesn’t involve waiting for repeated numbers. Players can choose any number they prefer.

How the Pivot strategy works

It is among the most straightforward win for roulette players. The pivot number appears twice in a set of spins. For instance, in a sequence of 24, 8, 12, 36, 8, 23, and 17, the pivot number would be 8.

Upon finding the pivot number, the player can bet on the same amount on the number for 36 spins or until it appears again.

The first thing you should know about the pivot system is that you are looking for a single number after 36 spins.

Players must track the winning results for 36 spins and wait for one number to repeat twice. It becomes the lucky number. Next, the player will place bets on that number for a win.

No Double or Single Zero Wheel

The pivot system does not rely on double zero or single zero wheels, so that you can use anyone.

It is essential to track the spins each time by using paper or monitoring the display board of the roulette table. Subsequently, you can continue to log numbers as you play.

Those players who discovered the pivot strategy sampled 35 spin groups randomly. When they did so, not all the numbers came up. It means that only two-thirds appeared and one-third did not.

The Law of Large Numbers

Roulette players use the law of large numbers to understand how the pivot strategy works.

That law states that when the number of spins increases, the results will appear as predicted.

In simpler terms, when you spin a million times, expect the same numbers to come up repeatedly.

When you spin 35 times, the chances of the same numbers appearing are higher. At least one-third of the numbers will repeat, while one-third will not.

Knowing this, players using the pivot strategy must wait until they spot a repeated number.

Then they can bet on it during the next 35 spins. The selected amount needs to be a single unit, and players will make a profit if the number repeats during the spin.

When it repeats, then players can pick the following number to bet on until it appears, or for 35 spins.

Suppose the selected number fails to appear during the 35 spin sequence.

In that case, the player will choose the following number that did repeat to bet on for another 35 spins.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Pivot roulette betting system?

The pivot system has a lot of benefits. Players using this system only keep their bets to a minimum.

Whether they are successful or not, the stakes are consistently lower, even after long hours of play.

The bankroll does not have to be large like other betting strategies require.

Below are the pros and cons of the pivot system.


  • Players do not need to increase their bets
  • There is no need to memorize long sequences
  • Risk levels on the system are minimal
  • No need to chase your losses
  • It is not complicated to use


  • It is not foolproof and does not guarantee that the number will appear
  • You can lose your bankroll when the number does not appear after the spins

What games can you use on the Pivot system

The design of the Pivot system is for roulette games. It is the precise strategy for roulette.

Therefore, you can only use it for roulette. It involves tracking numbers and works on online roulette games.

However, players can adapt the system for other spin games.


Does the pivot betting strategy work?

The pivot betting strategy is not infallible, but it works. Yet, the main factor that determines how effective it will be is pure luck.

Is pivot betting strategy ideal for games other than roulette?

It is ideal to use the pivot strategy for roulette alone. The design is for roulette games online. Still, players can use it on other spin games online.

What are some pros of the pivot betting strategy?

The pivot betting strategy does not need a large bankroll to execute because it keeps your bets low. It is also relatively easy to play and has mathematical backing.