Crazy Time Live

Crazy Times Live is another release by Evolution Gaming that falls into the Wheel Of Fortune category of games.

If you like games like Dream Cather, Monopoly Live then this live show real money concept will come as a great opportunity to break the monotony of online casinos.

This game is something completely different from the Evolution Gaming collection where we have a mixed live casino experience with RNG gameplay.

Consisting of 4 different bonus rounds (Cash Hunt, Pachinko, CoinFlip, Crazy Time) and with a Top Slot multiplayer of up to 20,000x your bet, Crazy Time live promises a guaranteed unique and quality gaming experience.

Sounds tempting to you, be patient a little longer before you start to play for real money; This game has no free mode and you should learn rules as much as you can so you can avoid making mistakes and losing your money.

Below we will explain how the game works, show the optimal betting strategy, calculate odds, payout table info, and win probability.

Crazy Time Live is a game with a very good theoretical RTP percentage of 95% to 96% which means that with good game decisions and strategy you can increase your chances of winning pretty well.

Crazy Time
Crazy Time

Basic rules of Evolution Crazy Time

Craty Time Live is played as a classic wheel of fortune game in which we have a wheel of fortune and a host spinning it.

There are 54 segments in the wheel of fortune in which the numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10 are indicated.

In addition to the numbers on the wheel, there are also fields that lead to the bonus game including Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time.

Placing bets on bonus segments can give you opportunity to win prize up to €500,000.

After turning the wheel, a total of 8 outcomes are possible, one of the bonus rounds or one of the numbers (1,2,5 and 10).

Your winnings will be multiplied by the number at which flipper stop, for example if the wheel stops at number 2 your winnings will be multiplied by x2.

If the wheel stops in the field with the number 10, your winnings will be doubled 10x.

If the wheel stops on one of the 4 bonus fields, you go to a bonus game that offers you to multiply your bet.

It is very important to mention the Top Slot function located above the wheel.

If the two symbols match in the Top Slot line, your wins are increased by an additional multiplier.

This feature makes the game more exciting and can lead players to really high wins.

How to play Crazy Time Live casino show

Let’s take a look on how to play Crazy Time live casino game in our easy to learn steps.

Place your bets

There is a limited time for betting, it is 15 seconds. At that time, in order to participate in the upcoming round, you must place bets on one or more of any segments. You have the option to bet on all buttons or just one, you can also combine bets.

Top Slot

Once you place your bets, the host will spin the Crazy Time wheel. The Toop Slot function located above the main wheel will start spinning at the same time. If you see that Top Slot two symbols stop on the line, your outcome from the main wheel will be multiplied for that value.

Wheel stops in the number segment

When the wheel stops at a segment of a number, all players who bet on that number are the winners. If the TOP Slot symbol combination is stacked on a line, the wins will be multiplied by that number. After that, a round of 15 seconds begins for new bets.

Wheel stops in the bonus game segment

If the wheel stops at the bonus round segment, all players who have bet on that segment go on to the bonus game. Players who have not bet on the bonus segment watch the bonus game until the end.

Crazy Time Live bonus games

As we have mention above, there 4 different bonus games in Crazy Time live casino game.

In order to participate, players need to place bets at one of these 4 bonus segments.

Available bonus games include CoinFlip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Crazy Time bonus game.

Here below we will go through each Crazy Time live bonus games and explain little more how it works and is it worth of placing bets on it.

Cash Hunt bonus game

Crazy time cash hunt bonus round
Cash Hunt

Cash Hunt symbol is appearing on two segments of total 54 in the wheel of fortune.

Cash Hunt bonus game resembles on traditional fairy shooting gallery and it contains 108 different multipliers on a large screen.

The Player need to pick one symbol which he thinks is the highest multiplier and target it with cannon.

When the time runs out canon will shot and the outcome will be relieved on the screen.

Interesting thing is that each player will have a different outcome. RTP for this bet is 95,27% and players can win up to €500,000.

Pachinko bonus game

crazy time pachinko bonus round

A large Pachinko walll awaits you when you enter the Pachinko bonus game.

This is a bonus game that does not require your interaction, the host will drop a puck, which lands on one of the multipliers.

Whichever multiplier puck lands on, your bet will double so many times.

If the puck lands at a double value all the multiplier below will double, and the leader will drop the puck again.

This can be repeated until the multipliers reach a peak of 10,000x multiplier.

There are 2 of these segments, the RTP for this bet is 94.33%, and players have the opportunity to win up to € 500,000.

Coin Flip bonus game

crazy time coin flip bonus round
Coin Flip

This is a bonus game with 50:50 odds, a number of segments in the wheel of fortune are 4 and players can get a payout of up to €500,000.

RTP for this bet is 95,70%.

As there are two sides of the coin ( blue and red) there are two multipliers and the flip of that coin will determine the outcome.

When the coin lands, the side that is facing up is winning.

The coin is tossed automatically on the screen automatically, and before the toss the multiplier will be generated so that players can choose one color.

Crazy Time bonus game

Crazy time bonus round
Crazy Time

This is the bonus game that pays the most with only 1 segment in the wheel of fortune.

This game is located behind a red door in another room with another happiness point that contains 64 segments with double, triple symbols and multipliers.

At the top of the wheel are three flappers of different colours (green, blue and yellow).

Before the game players must choose one of the flappers. When the wheel stops, you receive a reward at the segment on which your chosen flapper stopped.

If flapper stop at the segment 2x or 3x, all multipliers are doubled up or tripled.

This can go up to 20.000x. The RTP for this bonus game is 94.41% and you can win up to €500.000.

Crazy Time Live – best casinos to play in Canada!

If you look at our list of live casinos in Canada, you will surely find a safe and high-quality brand that will offer you a great bonus that you can take advantage of at Crazy Time Live.

Considering that this is a game of Evolutions Gaming companies, you will have to choose a casino that offers their games.

To save you time below we have offered you the top 3 best Crazy Time live casinos that will give you the best gaming experience in the form of quality, support and welcome bonuses. team.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Crazy Time Live?

Crazy Time live is a live casino game for real money developed by Evolution Gaming. The game is based on the wheel of fortune concept with lots of bonus games and multipliers.

Where can i play Crazy Time?

It can be played at all real money online casinos in Canada that offers Evolution Gaming games.

How much can i win on Crazy Time?

Highest payout win in this game is €500,000 dependingon your bet size. But here players can win massive cash prizes. Let’s take for example that in bonus games players can win up to 10.000x and 20.000x their bet. And with Top Slot meter these can be multiplied even up to 100,000x your bet.