Credit card casinos

How do you make deposits and withdrawals with credit cards at casinos? Which credit cards can be used and which casinos are best for this payment method?

In this guide, we go through the most used credit cards in Canada, how to use them at online casinos and list the top casinos that accept payments with credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard.

Best credit card casinos

Visa vs. Master

Visa and MasterCard are the two biggest credit card brands in the world. While both brands offer credit card services to consumers, they each offer their own unique sets of benefits and services.

MasterCard and Visa are the world’s two most popular credit card companies. They are both large global players in the financial industry.

The difference between Visa and MasterCard is that MasterCard is a card-issuing bank, while Visa is an association of banks. Visa has a larger number of members than MasterCard, meaning they have a wider reach.

Visa VS Mastercard

How to deposit?

Depositing money with a credit card is not complicated. You first need to sign up for an account on the casino’s website by providing your name, email address, and password.

CSV code
CSV code

Second, the casino will require your billing information like your billing address, phone number, and last name.

In addition, you will have to provide your credit card details like the type of card, the number on the card, and its expiry date.

Once all this information has been provided, you can deposit money into your casino account by clicking on ‘Deposit’ on the homepage.

Deposits are instant!

How to withdraw money?

Withdrawing money from an online casino to your credit cards is a simple task. After you’ve played and collected your wins, you can proceed to the casino’s “Wallet” or “Cashier” page to withdraw your winnings.

Here, all you need to do is click on the “Withdraw” option. The casino will ask for your payment method, where you will choose your credit card. Most casinos require you to use the same credit card for deposits and withdrawals.

After choosing your credit card, you can enter the amount you would like to withdraw and wait for the request to be completed. The transfer will end up in your bank account.

Good to know: For withdrawals, you must send the money to your bank account. This can take up to 3 days. For faster withdrawal methods, take a look at fast casino withdrawal methods.

Other Credit cards that can be used?

Here is a list of other credit cards that can be used in online casinos:

RBC Credit Card

This payment system lets you make purchases and withdraw money from your account.

The card has an account number, expiration date, and a three-digit security code.

You can use the card in online casinos and make payments at stores, online, or by phone.

CIBC Credit Card

CIBC credit cards are a type of credit card offered by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

The bank offers a range of products and services for people with different needs.

This card can also be a great option if you plan to play in an online casino.


This is similar to a credit card. You can use it to make purchases and take out cash from an ATM.

However, a Maestro card is better for small purchases and is not a good option if you plan to spend a lot of money.

This makes it a great option for online casinos since you can easily monitor your expenses.


What is MasterCard and VISA?

Both are the biggest worldwide payment technology and marketers. Furthermore, most of their income comes from service expenses and data refinement fees. Each acquires banks to issue credit cards.

Do both Visa and MasterCard offer credit cards?

They do not offer cards to the public. Instead, they collaborate with financial institutions such as banks to issue cards to the public through these banks.

Which is better, VISA or Mastercard?

Your spending habits and activities ultimately determine the answer. The issuing bank primarily determines these benefits, though VISA and MasterCard can participate in the terms’ drafting.