Daily Jackpots explained & best casinos to play at

Daily jackpot

As an idea put forward by Paddy Power bookmakers ahead of the UEFA EURO 2016, Red Tiger Gaming invented daily jackpots.

When the concept was finalised, Paddy Power offered it on their platform. These slots have become quite a sensation in the online casino market.

The slots owe their popularity to both the games’ stimulating nature and the casino makers’ efforts to refine the games.

Unlike other jackpots, these slots don’t just keep building up before eventually announcing a single winner.

Daily jackpot games
Daily jackpot games

Instead, they hand out a winner daily as a progressive jackpot win. Indeed, this acts as bait and keeps users hooked as they get to try their luck more frequently.

This possibility of a daily win, combined with the numerous efforts of online casinos to fine-tune the gaming experience, accounts for the heightened appeal of these games.

Best daily jackpot casinos

What are daily jackpots?

Daily jackpots are played on slot machines that rework the concept of progressive jackpots.

Instead of accumulating over time, the wins are dispensed daily. They ramp up player excitement because of the increased frequency of wins.

However, this does reduce the size of the win. Having said that, daily jackpots are still fun to play, and you get the opportunity to win big prizes daily.

Note: Only selected slots have daily jackpot. Click on daily jackpots at the casino to bring up a list of all the games that are included.

How do they work?

Daily jackpots work along the same lines as progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots usually work by adding up a little each time somebody pays until the final lucky spin creates a winner.

But unlike other progressives, the jackpot does not pile up over time. Instead, a daily winner is announced every day.

Also, this prize must be paid out before a specific time each day. So, unlike other progressive jackpots, you can know the exact timing of the drop.

The Advantages

  • More engaging to play owing to the daily curiosity element
  • Chance of winning a big prize every single day
  • You get to know the exact time of the drop each day
  • Lots of casinos offer these now, and with great gameplay and designs
  • Overall, there is a better chance of you winning a jackpot with the daily wins

The Disadvantages

  • Mega jackpots are not possible because of the daily drop
  • It can quickly become discouraging after consecutive misses
  • Free spins & bonus rounds do not count towards the jackpot
  • It can only be played on single spins; the number of lines you play or the length of time you play does not count.

Who invented them?

Daily jackpots were created in a partnership between Red Tiger Gaming and Paddy Power in 2016.

Shortly after their debut with the latter, Red Tiger polished the concept with its follow-up collection of daily drop and must-drop jackpots.

And since then, daily jackpots have become trendy. Many vendors are in the market, each offering unique and exciting games.


How much can I win playing daily jackpots?

As always, it depends. But usually, you can expect to win anywhere up to tens of thousands of dollars in a single day. The winnings obviously tend to be lower than other classic jackpot types, but daily jackpots still average an impressive C$24,000 per win. Though, it can theoretically go as high as C$66,000 on occasion. So, relatively big wins are still possible.

Why should I play daily jackpots?

Of course, you have the option to play classic jackpots and regular progressive jackpots instead of daily jackpots. The main benefit of daily jackpots is that they are more straightforward and a lot more fun. The daily thrill keeps you engaged, and your chances of actually getting a win are much higher in this way. In the end, it’s a matter of personal taste whether you enjoy playing them or not.

What are the risks of playing daily jackpots?

Obviously, you stand to lose some money if your only for playing is the jackpot. But this can apply to many types of online gambling. However, note that the standard slot payouts are still in effect. So, it doesn’t matter whether you win a jackpot or not. Add some fun and the possibility of winning on any given day, and daily jackpots can be worth playing.