Dragon Tiger

If you have decided to play Tiger Dragon live game but don’t know how and on what casinos, this guide is the right place for you!

Live Dragon Tiger is a popular live casino game developed by many software providers including Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Ezugi, Pragmatic and XP Gaming.

This is a much-simplified version of the game of Baccarat.

The game is played only with 2 cards and because of its simplicity is becoming more and more popular among Canadian players. One of the biggest advantages of this game is its fast gameplay.

In this guide, we will go through all the important details and see how this game works, how to increase your Dragon Tiger skills, learn some tips and tricks and find the best online Tiger Dragon live casinos in Canada.

So let’s dive in!

Live dealer in Tiger Dragon Evolution's studio
Live dealer in Tiger Dragon Evolution’s studio

About the game

Dragon Tiger is a newer game and one of the simplest live casino games that can be played online.

There are two positions in the game, a dragon and a tiger.

The player bets which card will be more rare than the side of the dragon or tiger.

There are several versions of this game on online casinos that are made by different software providers.

The rules of the game are the same, but there are deviations, such as the structure of payments, as side bets that are offered.

The two most popular versions of this game are definitely Playtech and Evolution Gaming.

Even that Evolution Gaming and Pragmatic Play version of this game are faster, more sophisticated and most popular, we have decided to review all versions of this game.

How to play Live Dragon Tiger

Live Dragon Tiger is played with only two cards, one called Tiger and the other Dragon.

The player’s task is to guess which of the two squares will have a higher value, or whether the outcome will be a draw.

Let’s take a look at the steps of how the game unfolds.

Dragon Tiger main screen
Dragon Tiger main screen

Step 1 – Betting options

One round of the game last about total of 25 second, while the betting time is 15 seconds. There is Dragon bet, Tiger bet and two side bets, the tie bet which payout 11:1, and suited tie bet which payout 50:1.

Step 2 – Placing bets

Bet sizes are from 1 chip to 2000 chips, in 15 seconds of betting time you need to choose one of the available bets. If you choose to place a bet on a tiger that means you bet that the tiger will have a bigger card value than the Dragon.

Step 3 – Bets are closed

After you have placed your bets, the betting time is done and the dealer draws two cards from the deck. One card goes to the tiger side, and one card goes to the dragon side.

Step 4 – The outcome

Fater the dealer pulls out two cards from the deck, the round is done and the player who placed bets on the high value side is the winner. The round starts again from the first step.

Cards and their values

Tiger Dragon live is played with 6 to 8 decks of cards, joker cards are taken out of the decks.

The value of the cards in this game is such that the value of the card represents the real value.

Ace is the lowest card counted s one, while the king is the highest card counted as 13.

The order of the cards from the lowest value to the highest in the Dragon Tiger game is from Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q K.


The table on which the game is played is covered with a green rug.

On the lower part of the table, there are two squares, one representing the Dragon, and the other the Tiger.

At the table sits a live dealer, and on the left and right side of the table are golden statues of the Tiger and the Dragon.

Live Tiger Dragon by different software providers

As we said at the beginning of our article this game can be found in different variants that are produced by different game providers.

Below we have made a Dragon Tiger list of games developed by game providers such as Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, Playtech, Pragmatic Play and XP Games.

Our recommendation is to opt for the Evolution version and the Playtech version of the Dragon Tiger live game and to avoid the Ezugi version if you like to bet on Tie Bets.

Zed’s tip.

The XP Gaming version is a little harder to find because this developer is still new to the market and there are not many online live casinos that offer their great.

Let’s take a look at the list of live Dragon Tiger games developed by different game developers.

1. Evolution Live Dragon Tiger version

This is the most sophisticated, visually developed version of the user interface with most high tech cameras and professional live dealers.

In this version the tie bets are paid 11: 1 and suited Tie bets ar epaid 50: 1.

Also, players can see a set of previous outcomes of playing games which is a great option to develop some start advantage.

Evolution version of Dragon Tiger live casino game
Evolution Gaming

2. Ezugi Live Dragon Tiger version

f you opt for Ezugi’s version of the Dragon Tiger live casino game, then you should expect a little bit cheaper and low budget studio than we could see in the previous version of this game.

The game I splayed with a total of 8 decks, there is also availability of road maps and here the Tie Bet is payed 8: 1.

There are not side bets available. If you are a fan of classic game, then this game is the right choice for you.

Screenshot of the Playtech Dragon Tiger live game

3. Playtech Live Dragon Tiger version

Playtech did everything in its power to beat its competitors, and made one really great and noteworthy version of the Dragon Tiger game.

The level version is a bit darker, and as far as side bets are concerned, they offered the most options.

But payout odds are a bit negative compared to other competitors with an amount of for Ties bet of 10: 1.

screenshot of the playtech versionof the live game
Playtech Studios

4. Pragmatic Dragon Tiger version

This is next to Evolution Gaming, one of the best and highest quality versions of this live casino game that is really worth your time, and the pyout odds are very good.

Namely, the studio and decoration are up to standard and can be said to be one of the best. if you choose to bet pays Tied payout odds are 11: 1, while for suited bets it is 50: 1.

After 50 rounds played, the side bets are disabled.

This game seigra with 8 decks, and there are also Roadmaps that can move you to see the outcomes from past rounds.

screenshot of the Pragmatic Play version of this live casino game.
Pragmatic Play

5. XP Games Dragon Tiger

XP Gaming offers the most comprehensive version of the Dragon Tiger game according to many experts.

In addition to the standard side bets, this game offers bets on Big and Small, Pair and Pair, there is even an option to guess which suit will be the card. For this bet, the payout odds are 3: 1.

This game is a bit harder to find because we haven’t met many casinos that offer these games from this live casino game provider.


Dragon Tiger payout odds

As we have seen this game is available from 5 game providers who are licensed with licenses that we consider to be regular including the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, and the Curacao Gaming Authority.

There are several other Asian versions of this game, but they are not worth mentioning.

All of these versions differ in the look of the studio, the table, the number of decks, and the payout odds.

Below we have made a table to give you an easier insight into all the payout odds you can expect on all the listed versions of this live casino game.

Type of betEvolution PRAGMATICPlaytechEzugiXPG
Dragon / Tiger1:11:11:11:11:1
Suited Tie50:150:1N/AN/AN/A
Dragon / Tiger bigN/AN/A1:11:11:1
Dragon / Tiger smallN/AN/A1:11:11:1
Dragon / Tiger oddN/AN/A1:11:11:1
Dragon / Tiger evenN/AN/AN/AN/A3:1
Dragon / Tiger suitsN/AN/AN/AN/A3:1

Top 3 live casinos with Dragon Tiger games

Frequently asked questions

What is Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is a live casino game that can be played at Canadian online casinos that support games of 5 game developers that broadcast this game including Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, Pragmatic Play, Playtech and XPG. This is the simplified version of baccarat that is played with two cards.

Where can i play Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger can be played at all online casinos that offer live casino games and prociders that broadcast this game. We have created a list of the best and safest live casinos in Canada where you can try out this amazing game.

What is the best payout hand in Live Dragon Tiger?

The best payout hand in Dragon Tiger is betting on Dragon and Tiger bet. The payout percentage is 96.27% according to game experts.