Drops and wins – Win extra when you play slots & table games!

Drops and wins big

For those of us who love slots and live games, game developer Pragmatic Play has launched a super cool campaign for.

The campaign is global, which means that we can participate at all casinos that have their campaign.

In this guide, we recommend the best Canadian casinos with Drops and wins and explain more how it all works.

Top casinos with Drops and Wins

What are drops and wins?

It’s a campaign created by developer Pragmatic Play that allows casino operators to offer their players a free competition in exchange for playing their game.

It works like that new prizes are awarded daily completely randomly and every week a casino tournament ends as well.

In total, Pragmatic Play distributes $1,000,000 where $500,000 is distributed to slots players and $500,000 to live casino players.

How do I participate?

To participate, you need an account with a casino that offers Drops and wins. Choose a casino from our list, create an account and log in.

From here you can now select promotions, drops and wins and then get a list of all Pragmatic Play games.

Choose one and play for real money with a minimum bet of $0.50 and you are automatically entered into both daily drops and wins and the weekly tournament.

Info about the prizes


  • Weekly prize: $62,000.00
  • Weekly top prize: $10,000.00


  • Daily pool: $9,000.00
  • Daily top prize: $ 1,000.00


What can I win?

You can win your share of the daily prizes which are 1500 pcs and worth $500,000. It can be anything from bonus money to free spins.

Can I participate with multiple betting sites?

Yes, all casinos that have Pragmatic Play’s drops and wins campaign share in the campaign.

Do you only need to play once?

A minimum bet of $0.50 is required to participate in today’s payout. If you want to join tomorrow, you must place a new bet.