How to play Blackjack online?

Blackjack online is a popular card game. It gets more interesting when you are playing for real money. If that is the case, then you need a good strategy to win. 

You are about to discover the secret behind successful online blackjack players. 

Are you ready to learn how to play blackjack online!? Read every sentence because you may miss an important ingredient that will better your online gaming performance.

Players at the blackjack table.

In a short while, the list of top online casinos that offer online blackjack will be listed. 

Let’s start with the various types of online blackjack.

Types of Blackjack online

The most popular blackjack games at an online casino are;

Free blackjack (RNG)

This is also known as the Random Number Generator (RNG) blackjack. Here the player plays blackjack on a virtual table against the Random Number Generator. This type of blackjack is available on almost every online casino. You can also play this type of blackjack game for free. 

Live blackjack

Live Blackjack belongs to a category of live casino table games. Here the player plays this game with a live dealer. The setting is as if you are at a live physical casino. It is quite interesting and fun to play. The best live blackjack games are developed by software developers like Evolution Gaming and NetEnt. Live blackjack games are played with real money.

How to play Blackjack?

You are expected to get a number that is close to 21 after your cards have been summed up. It seems easy, right? Not for beginners!

Below are the rules of the game:

  1. If the player or dealer’s value of the card at hand exceeds 21, then the player or dealer will lose
  2. If your card value is exactly 21, you will win the game
  3. Assuming the player and dealer’s value of card are 21 respectively, this round will be considered a draw. Your bets will be refunded and no one will lose their chip or cash

 Your aim here is to strive to get the value of cards that are closer to 21 to win the dealer.

Is it possible to win the dealer? Let’s take a look at some basic blackjack strategies.

How to win at Blackjack?

Follow these intelligent tips and you will win blackjack almost all the time.

  1. It is better to “stand” when the total value of your card is between 12 to 16 while the dealers have a total of 2 to 6.
  2. Splitting cards is technical but don’t be scared to do so. It is safer to split when you have two Aces or 2 8’s. Don’t forget two Aces equals 12. This is not the best total. Two 8’s is a better total. You can split at this point.
  3. Another time to stand is when you have a soft 19. If the total value of your card is a soft 19, then it’s time to split or you may likely bust.
  4. When you have an Aces to 6, then you have to hit or double. It is better to hit or reach the total value of cards that is higher than dealers total value without exceeding 21. So your chance of winning is far higher when you choose to hit or double when you dealt an Aces to 6 cards.
  5. Watching the dealer’s hand is another important tip. This will help you know the dealer’s card value. It is better to hit when you have 12 to 16 card value and the dealer total card value is 7 to Ace.

Best Blackjack basic strategy chart

Here are the best bj basic strategy chart tables. Below we have listed the strategy charts that many players are using at ion line casinos these days. With this basic strategy chart players will learn when to double down in blackjack chart, and we will explain to you how to use blackjack strategy chart.

Universal blackjack strategy chart.
This chart can be used at Atlantic City blackjack and European Blackjack

Where to play online Blackjack?

These casinos are fully registered, licensed and regulated by a reputable gambling commission from EU. Here you can see the top 3 sites where you can play online blackjack free or for real money.

They offer two types of blackjack games. Their bonuses and freebies are amazing. 

Finally, online blackjack is perceived as a game of luck. No doubt it is. However, if you carefully apply the strategies that have been listed above, you are on your way to becoming a millionaire. It will be safer to play the free or demo version first before you stake with real money!


How to win at blackjack online?

How to win at blackjack or any other real many games is an interesting question. There are a few factors that matter in this case. To win at blackjack or any other game player need to have skill, strategy and bit of lady luck on its side. In our guide above we have shown you all the main info that will make it easier for you to win at blackjack.

What is insurance in blackjack?

Insurance in blackjack is when we as insurance wager only half of our original bet. We can bet that dealer will hit blackjack, but if he does not hit blackjack we lose our insurance. If dealer hit blackjack our bet is paid 2:1, but the main bet is lost. Insurance is offered when the dealer’s first face-up card is Ace.

How to deal blackjack?

You can start to deal with blackjack cards by giving to each player first card that is faced down. The first card is dealt with the first player from your left side, then you deal with the rest in the same way, including you as the last. After that deal another card to players in the same way, but this time the card is faced up. If you have an Ace you need to ask players about insurance.

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