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How to win at slots?

How to win at slots is a question that many pros and beginners in Canada often ask themself. If you are looking for tips on how to play well and win at slots? Look no further than this list of the most simple and effective ways to play the best you can and win at slots both online and in a casino!

Below we have listed 10 tips to increase your chances of winning at slots at online casinos. Sometimes even the smallest trifle can affect the outcome of the slot game and it is very important that you know what that is. In this article, we will show you tips on how to win at slots.

Tip#1 Search, Find and USE No Deposit bonuses

Let the casino do the hard work for you! Casinos in both Canada and the US are always trying to outdo each other with promotions and giveaways to get a player in the door or sign up online. A No Deposit Bonus is basically FREE money.

This means that the casino will give you a chip in some denomination ($5, $10, etc)this gives you the chance to practice, play, and even WIN at slots without the risk of losing any REAL money. Before you go online or into a casino spend some time searching for no deposit bonus specific to the casino you are logging into or going to.

Tip #2 Go to more than one Casino!

Gambling laws differ from country to country, and the US and Canada have slightly different laws governing their casinos. Looking at wagering requirements is a great way to decide which casino you want to try out.

A wagering requirement is an amount you will need to bet in order to receive your bonus.

When looking at a wagering requirement, look for 10x or less. Also, make sure you look for bonuses with “no max payout”. You don’t want to win several hundred only to be allowed to withdraw $100.

An example: You sign up for a $10 bonus with a 30X requirement, you have to bet $300 of your bonus winnings before you can cash out. A $10 bonus with a 5x requirement, you would only need to bet $50 before you can cash out. This adds up to major savings, and major winnings.

Tip #3 Loose Slots

The loose slot is a term that comes from early slot machines that would have a mechanical issue that would pay out more often – aka being “loose” with the money.

Even if this doesn’t term really apply to current and online slots; these slots STILL have different payout rates. Casinos don’t want you to know this, so take time to practice and do your research so you know which “loose” slots to play.

Tip #4 Which Slots NOT to Play

The rule of casinos is not to put a loose machine by an exit. Effectively you would come in, win big, and leave without the casino getting the “feel good” energy of a win.

The casino wants happiness and to spread to as many players as possible. If they win and immediately leave, the effect is lost. Online casinos have a similar idea. If you haven’t won on a machine in a while, its time to move on!

Tip #5 Go random!

In Jackpots, there are two kinds – Random and Progressive. Progressive machines are what you have when you see “mega jackpots”. This means multiple machines are hooked together to get a higher amount for a jackpot.

The payout is large, but the actual chances of winning are much lower. Random jackpots are specific to the machine, so they have a lower payout, but a higher chance of winning.

Tip #6 Everyone likes something for free

To attract old and new players, some casinos offer free spins on select slot machines. USE THESE OFFERS!

These free spins are great for you to learn and practice without spending any actual hard-earned money.

Keep an eye out for promotions and emails that come your way.

Tip #7 Make smart bets

Make sure you are betting correctly. Most people tell you to always “Bet max” while this results in higher earnings, there is a good rule when it comes to this. It comes down to volatility or basically payout rates.

A good rule is a high volatility – bet high, low volatility – bet low. High volatility machines will pay out less often, but with a higher win amount, and low volatility machines will pay out more often but with a lower amount.

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Tip #8 Paytables

Do your research before you play! Each slot machine has its own pay tables. The differences are surprising and can make a big difference to your payouts over time.

You can usually find these in the help section, and these will explain things like wilds, scatters, etc. Studying these can increase the odds to your favor and help you win more than a random approach.

Tip #9 Free play is free to practice

Many online casinos offer free play. This is a good way to practice what you have learned without spending any money. It also means you can find what machines work best for you.

Tip #10 – Bonus offers

Here we see again that Casinos will do almost anything to get you logged in or coming in. Most Casinos offer bonuses either for Holidays or to get you back.

These offers are usually free and have an expiration date, so use them quickly! These promotions are often freebies – chips, spins, etc. Make sure you sign up for emails, or for any free clubs the casino offers. This is usually how they distribute the offers.

Planning ahead and making a strategy is really all it takes to win. Always be on the lookout for free offers, research your casino before you go, and look online for any tips and tricks you can find. This makes all the difference in playing slots!

Good luck!

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