Monopoly Live by Evolution Gaming

Monopoly Live is a unique and of the best live casino online games for real money based on a popular board game that we use to play as kids – The Monopoly. This live show game is launched by Evolution Gaming and it is a special edition of their Dream Catcher game with elements of the popular board game Monopoly have been added.

Launched in April 2019, to receive an award just a few months later as the EGR’s Game of the Year 2019 and in 2020 the Gaming Intelligence’s Game of the Year awards, tells us that this game is worthy of our attention.

If you like a combination of action, excitement and suspense mixed with augmented reality in which you have a chance to win huge by multiplying your winnings, then Monopoly Live is the right online casino game for you!

Mr Monopoly in Monopoly live casino game.

How to play Monopoly live – rules and bets

As we have said earlier, Monopoly Live is a game based on the world-famous Monopoly board game.

The rules of the game seem complicated at first glance, but in fact, this is a very simple game. We see a wheel of fortune with segments on which we can bet. Each segment gives us a different payout, bonus game or a chance.

Except for the wheel, in the studio, we have the host, and in the left corner, we can see virtual Mr Monopoly who is waiting for the bonus game. We’ll talk about him a little later, but for now, we need to learn the rules of the game.

Here we have screenshot of Monopoly Live casino game.
Here you can see the virtual betting table and the wheel of the Monopoly Live game.

Available segments to bet on the Monopoly Live game include:

SegmentsNUMBER OF FiledsPAYSWinning ProbabilityMin-Max Bet
Number 1221x40%$ 0.10 to $ 2 500
Number 2152x27.7%$ 0.10 to $ 2 500
Number 555x9.25%$ 0.10 to $ 2 000
Number 10410x7.40%$ 0.10 to $ 2 000
Here we can see segments on the wheel, as numbers of each segment, payout odds, winning probability and minimal and maximum bet amount.

Once you have joined the game you have 15 seconds to place bets, you can bet on number 1, number 2, number 5 and number 10.

Each number has a different payout (see the table).

You also have the option to bet on 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls where you have a chance to go to the bonus game, which offers the biggest wins.

Also, when you participate in the game and place any bet, in case that the wheel stops in the “chance” field, you have the opportunity to win mysterious prizes in the form of free cash or multipliers.

Once the time of the bet expires, the bets are closed and the host spins the wheel while players wait for the best outcome. The procedure is repeated after each wheel rotation.

Here we are going to see more info about the Chance and the Rolls segments that can take us to the bonus game.

SegmentsNumber of SegmentsPaysWinning ProbabilityMin-Max Bet
2 Rolls3Bonus game5.55%$ 0.10 – $ 500
4 Rolls1Bonus game1.85%$ 0.10 – $ 500
Chance2Random3.70%$ 0.10 – $ 2 500
Here we can see info about bonus game and chance segments.

Monopoly Live and the bonus game

In order to switch from the main live game to the bonus game, you need to bet on the rolls 2 and rolls 4 segments. The chance that the wheel will stop on the 2 rolls segment is 18: 1, while the chance that it will stop on the rolls 4 segment is 54:1.

The main focus of your game style should be to play every time on 2 Rolls segment because in Monopoly Live you can get the most prizes in the bonus game.

Segment 4 rolls on the Monopoly Live wheel.
The example when the wheel stops on a segment of 4 rolls (this is the beginning of the bonus game)

After the wheel stops at one of the two segments that open the bonus game, the virtual “Mr Monopoly” who is normally located and sits on the left side of the wheel gets up and go down the elevator to enter the 3D virtual board and start the bonus game.

The 2 rolls as the word itself says you are entitled to two rolls of the dice, while 4 rolls are entitled to 4 rolls of the dice.

The bonus game is an identical copy of the classic Monopoly board game in which multipliers from 2x to 500x are placed next to the cities, which multiply your bet.

After that, dice are rolled live in the studio by the host and after the outcome, Mr Monopoly moves forward as many fields as the outcome was on the dice.

This is how it looks when the dice is rolled by the host in the bonus game.
Bonus game – dice rolling.

In addition to the multipliers on the 3D board there are also cash prizes, as well as all elements from the classic monopoly such as houses, hotels, cities, prison, go, chances and community chest.

What is the best strategy on Monopoly Live?

This is how it looks when the dice is rolled by the host.

Monopoly Live is a game of pure luck and with or without any strategy our the main goal of the game would be get into the bonus game.

But to get there we have to place bets on the two segments 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls.

Above we saw that the chance of the wheel stopping at 2 rolls has a much higher chance than at 4 rolls, so every turn should play at least a minimum bet on 2 rolls segment.

In the right corner we can see a table showing all the numbers and segments that have already been called.

Although this information is available, the probability is exactly the same that if the wheel stops at number two 5 times, it will stop at 2 again the sixth time.

Also if you are a player who pays attention to RTP bet amounts and casino games here below we have set up a table of RTP amounts for each possible bet in the Monopoly Live game.

Bet typeRTP
Number 1 92.8%
Number 296.2%
Number 591.3%
Number 1096.0%
Rolls 293.9%
Rolls 4 93.6%
Here we can see RTP amount for every field on the wheel.

Where to play Monopoly live?

Now that we have shown you all the rules of the game, the types of bets, the functioning of the bonus game, we believe that you have learned how to play Monopoly Live and that you are ready to play.

But if you have decided to play, the question arises which online casino is best to play Monopoly Live and which online casino has this game in its portfolio of games in general. Fortunately, our expert team has compiled a list of the best casinos offered by Monopoly Live.

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Frequently asked questions

How to play Monopoly Live?

The rules of the game are simple, similar to roulette, you place your bets on the numbers that are marked in the wheel segments. The host then spins the wheel and the players hope the wheel will stop at the number they have chosen.

What is RTP and house edge of Monopoly Live?

The RTP amount for this live game is approximately 96.23%, which means that house edge is 3.77%. Find in our review the exact amount of RTP for each bet in the game.

Is there a strategy that will increase my chances of winning?

Monopoly Live game is as we said in the review a game of pure luck, if you are really warmed up you can try a strategy like a martingale, but we cannot guarantee you 100% winning. After research, we came to the conclusion that it is best to bet on number two and 2 rolls.

What are the bet sizes at Monopoly Live?

Monopoly Live is a game suitable for both low rollers and high rollers. The minimum bet is $ 0.10 while the maximum bet is up to $ 2,500 depending on the bet you choose. You can find more information about this game here in our review.

Where can I play Monopoly Live?

You can play this game at all live casinos that offer Evolution portfolio of casino games. Here we have listed top 3 casinos in Canada where you play Monopoly Live.


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