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Luxonpay is an eWallet that makes it easy and safe to add money to your gaming account for quick online transactions.

You can store multiple currencies in your Luxonpay account and instantly convert between them at the best rates.

Further, you can use your synchronized contacts to send and receive money from friends worldwide for free and quickly.

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Best e-wallet for fast casino withdrawals!
Best e-wallet for fast casino withdrawals!

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Casino advantages VS disadvantages

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using Luxonpay for casino websites:


  • Online casinos agree with Luxonpay’s claim that it is an offer for gamblers and poker players.
  • Gamblers can exchange money easily, quickly, and safely with this e-wallet because it simplifies online transactions and does not deduct any fees from your winnings.
  • With Luxonpay, you can effortlessly deposit money at any online casino and withdraw it just as quickly.
  • You can save money and time by using it to make deposits or withdraw winnings.


  • There are various currency conversions and withdrawal restrictions, even though there are no transaction fees.
  • Luxonpay is not available with all online casinos yet.

How to get Luxonpay?

It’s very easy to get Luxonpay and register for the e-wallet. All you have to do is follow a registration link and connect your account. In addition, be sure to clear the cookies on your browser before doing so.

  1. Type in your phone number and the 6-digit verification code you got from Luxonpay through SMS.
  2. Enter your personal information, beginning with your name.
  3. Type in your complete address.
  4. To complete the procedure, provide your e-mail address and choose a strong password to safeguard your account and money.
  5. Your account is nearly ready, and the registration for Luxonpay should be complete.
  6. In the end, verify your account by uploading a picture of your face with a photo ID card or passport to eliminate all limitations and enable all services.
  7. Provide a recent bank statement or utility bill clearly showing your name and address as proof of residence.

How to make a deposit?

Choose “Deposit” from the Luxonpay website’s main dashboard, input the desired currency and amount, and then hit the “Continue” button. Following that, you will be asked to choose your depositing method.

Always deposit using the same currency as your chosen form of payment. This is to avoid bank fees. Deposits must come from an account in your name.

After this, your depositing method will be stored securely and safely.

How to withdraw money?

Here are the three easy steps for withdrawing money on Luxonpay:

  1. Click “Transfer” on your dashboard.
  2. Secondly, choose “Make a withdrawal.”
  3. From here, you may withdraw money to a card, bank account, or another payment method you have already used to make a deposit.


According to your Luxonpay VIP status, you may have to pay a deposit or withdrawal fee. Any costs are disclosed before making your deposit or withdrawing your funds.

If you don’t deposit in the same currency as your account, note that your bank can charge you a fee. Therefore, if you deposit into your C$ Luxonpay account, make sure you use a C$ card or C$ bank account to make the deposit.


While you can make a deposit instantly with Luxonpay, withdrawing money may take as long as 3 business days for card withdrawals. However, Luxonpay can be quicker, depending on the method.

Therefore, it can take the money a few hours to 7 business days to reach your bank account. Remember that Luxonpay can take 7 business days for alternative payment method withdrawals.

Luxonpay app

The e-wallet Luxonpay also provides a mobile application for Android and iOS smartphones. You may manage your Luxonpay account and do transactions at any time using the app.

In addition, you can use the Luxonpay app to upload your documents and validate your account with the service.

The free Luxonpay software can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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Is it safe to use Luxonpay?

Since it’s AML and KYC complaint, Luxonpay is 100% safe to use and regulated by the FCA as an e-wallet.

Do I need to open a Luxonpay account?

Yes. You can’t use Luxonpay with any online casinos without opening an account with the e-wallet. Thus, you need to open a Luxonpay account to use this service online.

Can I make withdrawals to my Luxonpay account?

Yes, you may withdraw to your Luxonpay account in the same currency as your gaming account. There are no costs associated with doing so. Go to the cashier, choose the “Withdrawal” button, and then choose the Luxonpay logo. Your withdrawal amount will be delivered electronically to your Luxonpay account.

What are the Luxonpay currency exchange fees?

Your VIP status will determine the conversion cost that applies. Luxonpay updates the exchange rate every 10 minutes. The app will notify you when there’s an exchange on your money.

Can I remove a currency in my Luxonpay account?

Yes. Go to the dashboard and click “Currencies.” Then press the 3 dots on the right. Choose “Delete” currency. Pick the currency you want to remove. Your currency balance must be 0 to remove it, so you can withdraw the money or exchange it.

How soon will my Luxonpay account become active?

You may use your Luxonpay account after your ID is validated. This can take up to 24h.

Does Luxonpay work for sending and receiving money too?

Yes, Luxonpay offers complete e-wallet services. You can send or receive money from your contacts.