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Playing at Canadian online casinos has never been so easy. Especially now there are many online casinos in Canada that accept Maestro. If you’re looking for more information on Maestro cards (both debit and credit), then we’re here to help.

Read on as we cover the most important things you should know about Maestro casinos, including which are the top Canadian Maestro card casinos.

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Top 10 Canadian casinos that accept Maestro

This is our list of the best casinos that accept Maestro cards in Canada.

Making transfers with Maestro

There are a number of very important aspects you need to consider when using Maestro. For a start, you can make deposits and withdrawals with both debit and credit Maestro cards. However, it is important to note that not all Canadian online casinos will allow you to use your debit card to make a withdrawal. That being said, it’s still a widely available payment method, with most Canadian casinos accepting Maestro in some form.

If you do choose to use your Maestro debit card, this is a great way to help you to set a budget and stick to it. For example, using a debit card means you can’t overspend. Once you’ve made a deposit, that money will come out of your account right away. This way, you know exactly what’s left in your bank account to spend.

Using Maestro credit cards can be a better option for many. This is because they’re more readily accepted as a withdrawal method. However, as you’re borrowing money, you can run into overspending issues. Or, you can get pinged with interest if you can’t pay it off in time.

Generally, Maestro is an excellent option to consider as it is very secure. You can also control overspending. Plus, it’s got no third-party involvement when making transactions.

How deposits work with Maestro

Just like many other payment methods, making a deposit using Maestro is actually very easy. All you need to do is sign up to the Canadian casino of your choice and make an account. Once the account is open and verified (usually you’ll need to do this via your email), you can then head to the deposit or banking section.

Deposit with Maestro
Deposit with Maestro

Once there, simply select how much you want to deposit. Then, choose Maestro from the list and enter your card details. This means including the card number, expiry date and the name on the card. Confirm the payment and it will go through.

Typically, this happens instantly, so the funds pop up in your casino account ready to be played. Make sure you always check the minimum and maximum deposit limits as these do vary from one casino to another. For the most part, deposits are free — so you won’t get pinged with any fees. But if you are using a Maestro credit card, then you might incur cash advance fees from Maestro itself as the deposit is seen as a loan.

Making Maestro withdrawals

At this point, it’s important to know that, actually, not all Canadian casinos will allow Maestro withdrawals. This is even more likely to be the case if you’re using a debit rather than a credit card.

Some do accept Maestro though, so we’re going to look at how to make a withdrawal using this method just in case. However, it’s essential that you check whether Maestro is a withdrawal option before assuming it is — you’ll need to find an alternative withdrawal option if your chosen casino doesn’t allow it.

If the casino does accept Maestro withdrawals, then the process is pretty straightforward. Simply go to the banking section of your account, type in the amount you’d like to withdraw and follow any steps regarding card or banking details.

Be aware though, that you may run into fees when making withdrawals. This can occur for many reasons. For instance, if you decide to deposit and play in one currency, but the casino doesn’t accept it. This may mean you incur conversion charges.

You may also find that your Canadian bank will add fees because of the casino transaction. Finally, you may find that if you make a withdrawal via an ATM, you get added fees there too. Make sure you check with Maestro and your bank to determine if this will be the case.

Maestro card transaction times

Everybody loves a speedy transaction and this is exactly what you get with deposits. They are instant. The only slow part for Maestro is the actual sign-up process if you don’t have a card yet.

Withdrawals are significantly slower. Usually, the withdrawal process takes from three to five days. This is because there is a waiting period where the funds have to go through security checks. Online casinos also need to make sure you’ve met any wagering requirements if you’ve taken on a bonus.


What are the best Maestro online casinos in Canada?

The best Maestro casino in Canada depends on you and what you are looking for. However, we recommend that you only play at fully licenced Maestro casinos in order to stay safe. You should also check out important features that impact your gaming enjoyment. These include the number of games, the bonuses, mobile compatibility and support.

How long is a Maestro withdrawal?

Typically, Maestro withdrawals take three to five days. The payment has to be checked by the casino and then by the receiving bank.

Do Maestro transactions incur fees?

Yes, Maestro transactions can have fees attached. The majority of casinos won’t charge fees at all. But, you do need to check because some casinos can charge on withdrawals. Some banks will also have fees for deposits made using a Maestro credit card, as it’s seen as a cash advance or loan. And, you may accidentally incur currency conversion fees.