RNG – Beginners guide to Random Number Generator in online casinos

Have you heard of RNG before? It stands for ”Random number generator’ and is a key element in the online gambling industry.

As you probably know it by now, in actual land-based venues and casinos, your card dealer will randomize your cards by giving them a quick yet professional shuffle.

This way, everything will become random, and your chances of figuring out what it is that you’re working with will become quite slim.

Online casinos have a different approach, which is done with a mathematical formula, which makes the game a lot harder, as well as impossible to predict (yet it is fair to all the players).

Here’s all the info you should know about the RNG.

What is actually RNG, and how does it work?

Most casinos use different methods to get that random number.

Even nowadays we play games with decks of cards or dice to see who goes first when playing a specific game, or when trying to make-up a specific order.

Drawing cards, rolling dice, or even flipping coins are some of the most common and known ways when it comes to it.

Here you can see in infograph how acctually RNG works and online casino games.
RNG explained

Nowadays we have different randomized and computerized RNG numbers that can do this process for us.

Thanks to the seed (which is also known as a fixed number), you will control the return to player rates of online casino games.

Loads of different experts, scientists, mathematicians as well as statisticians have worked on this magical formula.

Thanks to it, you will enjoy your odds when playing any and every online game.

Why you might prefer RNG gaming at online casinos?

This little trend became quite popular and common because of slot machines. Before, slots would use psychical reels, while nowadays we have loads of different paylines.

Old-school reels weren’t capable of handling this complex task, which is where the RNG came into place!

When playing online slots, it will give out several different random numbers, where the sequence will not make sense. This number will keep on spinning and you will end up with random numbers all up until that point when you hit the button.

Your number will be divided into a tangible outcome. You will not be scammed in any way, since reels and RNGs are regularly tested by independent regulators, and it is hard to predict the outcome.

If you’re gambling and playing games on legit sites that have their trustworthy licenses, you will be good to go!

Is It possible to cheat at casinos?

This is the most common question that worries people that play online games, and who gamble quite often in casinos.

In theory, this is possible. These computerized algorithms can be hacked, but it will take a true expert and a proper hacker to do it.

Once put in statistics, over 99% of online casino players will not be able to trick the system, which is more than enough to help you feel relaxed and safe when gambling and playing online!

Years ago and all the way back in 2008, a player named Ron Harris developed a program that was used to predict the results of the RNG.

He played his favourite game at that moment (Keno) and had won a lot of money in a matter of minutes.

However, he got caught and ended up in prison, and has learned his lesson the hard way. 

As technology develops and improves, it is becoming more and more difficult to hack or do any type of fraud.

Testing agencies that will make you feel safe and secure

  1. TST: This is a gaming company and an industry that does all the tech parts of RNG. Because of it, you will feel a lot safer when playing poker games as well. You can find the company in cities such as Italy, London, Macau, Manila, The Netherlands, and Vancouver, Canada.
  2. eCOGRA: It is the biggest name in the business, as you’ve probably heard of it by now. This is a London-based company and is a company that is always in charge of giving it the stamp of approval. If you see eCOGRA logo on the casino, then you know it is safe and not rigged.
  3. Verisign: This is a global leader for iGaming. There are several different locations, such as in the UK, Australia, China, India, as well as Switzerland. GA is one of the most respected companies for RNG technical audits and for the iGaming industry.
  4. Gaming Associates: Also known as GA has been operating ever since 1990! They were one of the first real experts when it comes to the aspects of legal gambling, which was on the rise in 1990.

Which games use RNG?

Nowadays every game that is available and played online (every casino game) uses RNGs to provide that luck element to its players. How does this work?

Well, your RNG will work alongside the casino software to produce fair outcomes.

If you were to play blackjack and you were to hit the deal button, the RNG would do its magic!

Every card in that hand is selected at random and is purely based on luck and pure randomness. 

The RNG will create loads of different outcomes, and after only a couple of attempts, you will see that it is purely based on luck.

There are loads of different paylines, and only the RNG will decide if we win or lose.

Does the RNG affect RTP?

RTP in casino games stands for a return to player rate. In the last 4-5 years, casinos were required to monitor the RNGs in order to make sure that no game is faulty, and that every player would end up feeling satisfied and secure once they leave the site.

Thanks to the total value of all payouts of a machine, the result is always fair and accurate. If it is not close within the RTP, RNG is checked-upon and is reviewed by a specialized team of experts, as well as the community.

The outcome is always random, which is why you should feel safe whenever playing online.

Thoughts on RNG technology and gaming?

RNG technology has been quite practical and beneficial for most online casinos.

There is no need to shuffle the cards, blow the dice or flip a coin – everything is as random as it should be, plus it is verified through specialized teams and experts.

With the RNG program, players are guaranteed a fair and random outcome of all casino games.

Neither the player nor the casino has control over the outcome of the game regulated by the RNG, so it is impossible to cheat.