Slots tournaments

Slots tournaments can appear at all online casinos on a regular basis, but a few good casino operators have made it possible for us to participate in slots tournaments on a daily basis.

Here we go through what these are and how their slots tournaments work.

But before we do, let me just quickly show you Pragmatic Play`s new campaign called drops and wins where you can win extra prizes every day.

1. Tournaverse


Tournaverse is an online casino whose entire concept is based on tournaments.

It is the first and only online casino in the world where an online casino was built solely for tournaments.

Of course, you can choose to play slots as usual without competing, but the whole idea of the casino is that whoever wants to be able to tour around the clock against other slots players.

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2. Casumo Reel Races

Casumo Reel races
Casumo reel races

On the first place with the best slots tournaments, we find Casumo who calls his daily slots tournaments Reel races.

This slots tournament distributes more than 60,000 extra winnings annually, participation costs no extra and standard terms and conditions apply.

3. Woocasino daily tournaments

Woocasino daily slots tournament
Woocasino daily slots tournament

Next best in daily slots tournaments we find Woocasino which every day hands out C $ 1,500 + 1,000 free spins extra.

The money is awarded to the top three players and then the remaining players are rewarded all the way down to 99th place with extra free spins.

4. Voodoo Dreams slots duel

VoodooDreams slot duel
VoodooDreams slot duel

VoodooDrams, here we find a gaming site where wine can duel against other slots players at any time.

It works as if we select “duel” a game and then the game starts and you and another player who plays the same game compete to see who can win the most.

A little more personal slots tournaments but where you do not see your opponent.

The advantage is that you do not have to wait for a tournament to start when you choose when you want to start one.

6. Rizk casino races

Rizk casino races
Rizk casino races

Rizk casino offers a new slots tournament every 30 min. It is a mix between duels that are started regularly and daily tournaments. Instead, you have lots of smaller slots tournaments around the clock to offer.

It costs no extra to participate and each tournament has different prizes.

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7. Cookie casino daily tournament

Cookie casino Grand Joust
Cookie casino Grand Joust

Last but not least, we list Cookie casino as the 5th best casino site for those who like daily slots tournaments.

Here, C $ 750 and 75 extra free spins are awarded daily and all year round to the best players. Yes, you can of course participate and participate every day!


Does it cost extra to participate?

No, it is very rare to see a slots tournament that costs extra to participate in.

Which casinos always have a slots tournament I can participate in?

VoodDreams and Rizk casino are two casinos where you can jump into a slots tournament at any time.

What terms & conditions apply to slots tournaments?

Each tournament and casino has its own terms that apply. For the most part, it is the casino’s standard bonus terms that apply, but be sure to click on Terms and conditions to read about the tournament you intend to participate in and ensure what the terms are.