What casino games have the worst odds?

house edge

Going to a casino on a tight budget is fine if you play the games that seem the most enjoyable.

However, knowing the games with the worst odds is just as crucial as knowing the games with the best odds if you want to increase your chances of walking away with much more money than you started with.

As a result, we will advise you on the games with the poorest odds so that you do not lose money.

1. Big Six Wheel

Big Six Wheel is such a classic casino game that it is no longer found in most establishments. It’s more akin to a carnival game than anything else.

You bet upon whether the wheel will halt on a specific identified section when you are at Big Six Wheel. It may stop on anything from a dollar to a joker.

The sum you’ll earn if you win is determined by where the wheel stops. With only an 11% edge for the house, putting a $1 bet has the greatest chance of winning, but also the smallest reward.

However, the Joker pays out 36 times, but here the house has a 74% chance of winning.

2. Keno

Keno is a simple number-picking game that is similar to the lottery. It’s a casino-hosted private lottery with drawings every few minutes.

Of all the casino games, Keno has the worst betting odds. It has a 30% house advantage, which is quite poor. Players must select at least nine numbers from an 80-number pool.

Matching all nine digits only has a 1 in 1.3 million probability of happening. As you choose more numbers, the odds become much worse.

3. Craps

Some craps bets are single-roll bets. One of these bets is Any 7. This is a single-roll bet that the next number rolling needs to be will be a seven.

The house has a massive 16.67% advantage. Furthermore, if the 2 and 12 only pay 2 to 1, the field has a house advantage of nearly 5.5%, and 2.78% if either pays 3 to 1.

As a result, most professional gamblers advise that you only place bets with a 1% house edge or less.

4. Progressive slot machines

These giant jackpot games are the casino’s worst machines. It makes no difference what the category they are in; the house advantage varies between 12% and 17%.

In the long run, this means you lose about $120 to $170 for every $1000 wagered.

The fact that individuals tend to play these games really quickly adds to the brutality of the scenario.

5. Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a dice game with an Asian flair in which you wager on the outcome of a three dice roll.

You can wager on a variety of outcomes, such as the three-dice total or whether the total is high or low.

Almost all of these bets have a substantial house edge, but the 2-face domino bet is frequently the Sic Bo bet with the lowest odds.

The 2-face domino bet is a gamble on the outcome of two specific numbers on the dice.

You could, for example, place a 1-6 2-face domino bet. It is a win if one of the dice has a 1 and the other has a 6. The house edge is really high here, totalling 18.52%.


At the very least, every player should understand what odds are and how they work.

Odds can play a role in a gambler’s success or failure.

We hope that this guide will assist you in selecting the game that you want to play, and meeting with success.

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