What is a casino reload bonus?

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One of the exciting features of most online casinos is a reload bonus. But what exactly is it?

How does it work? Here is everything you need to know about this bonus.

A casino reload bonus is very similar to a welcome deposit bonus. The difference is that a player receives a casino reload bonus when they make a repeat deposit.

So, if you’ve made a deposit in a casino before, the chances are you will receive a reload bonus when you make another deposit.

The casino reload bonus inspires loyalty in a player.

Otherwise, you might be tempted to go from one online casino to another, using the welcome bonuses you are given at each.

By rewarding players with a little something extra every time they make a deposit, online casinos create entire communities around them.

How does the casino reload bonus work?

The casino reload bonus is fairly straightforward. It usually kicks in from the second deposit onwards.

Thus, operators give this bonus only to existing registered customers who have made deposits before.

In most cases, this bonus is given to players at a lower percentage than the welcome bonus.

The welcome bonus is mostly at a 100% match for deposits up to certain amounts.

The reload bonus is generally less than that and can be around 30%.

But still, this is a great rate since it credits more money into your bankroll.

Nonetheless, a casino reload bonus isn’t always about money. Your chosen online casino can reward you free spins, either solely or in addition to the free cash.

For instance, if you make a second deposit of $60 to play on a slot machine, your chosen online casino can give you 15 free spins on their ‘slot of the week’ to use the following day.

The advantage of the casino reload bonus

The primary advantage of the casino reload bonus is that its wagering requirements are lower than those of other bonuses.

A casino’s welcome bonus might require you to make a $300 deposit to enjoy winnings made from it.

With a casino reload bonus, you won’t need to wager such high amounts to withdraw your winnings.

This means that you have a better chance of making your money back within the bonus’s validity period, if there is any.

As a result, you will be able to play more games in the span of one night or day.

Essentially, the casino reload bonus is a smaller investment for operators but of great value to any loyal player.

How it works makes the bonus different but not less thrilling. It keeps players coming back for more.

This is why most casinos offer it as an ongoing bonus.

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