Wheel of Fortune games online

For many people, the name Wheel of Fortune conjures up the image of the TV game show that first launched in 1975. But that’s not exactly what these new and exciting live Wheel of Fortune games offer – though there are many similarities.

In fact, these games are really a crossover game that links the world of the TV show to the excitement and thrills of online gambling.

Top Wheel of Fortune games online

There are a growing number of Wheel of Fortune live games online.

Here we will discuss some of the top games out there and what they offer players:

1. Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is an exciting game from Evolution Gaming and actually builds on the pre-existing game mechanic offered up by Dream Catcher.

Monopoly Live

The general setup at Monopoly Live casino game is similar to Dream Catcher as there is a wheel containing a specific set of numbers that players will need to bet on.

However, there are other segments added to this game. The first of these is the chance segments, which can pay out cash prizes or offer up 10x multipliers for the second spin.

The other segments are the 2 rolls and 4 rolls segments. These take the player to another bonus round, which is the Monopoly board.

However, to reach this additional round, players must have bet on the 2 or 4 rolls segment – they won’t be taken to the additional game simply if the pointer lands on one of these segments. Within the bonus game, there are more chances for players to win some cash when playing, with wins of up to 2000x the initial bet available.

It should be noted though, that the payouts on the regular wheel are actually lower than those found on the similar Dream Catcher wheel, so players need to think about what they want out of the game before choosing which one to play.

2. Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Adventures Beyond Wonderland by Playtech is a live casino game that puts a fun theme on the standard wheel of fortune set up. This wheel offers up an impressive 54 segments that are divided into numbers as well as bonuses.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live

What makes Adventures Beyond Wonderland live casino game stands out from some of the others is the fact that the croupier takes on one of the characters from Alice in Wonderland. This means you can have croupiers dressed as rabbits or the Mad Hatter while playing.

There are three wheels in operation during this game – two physical wheels and one RNG wheel. The main physical reel is used for the initial spins, while the second physical reel is used for the 2 and 5 wonder spins bonus option that comes with this game.

On top of all this, there’s a dice round too where real dice are shaken in a cup to determine the number of moves made on the prize grid.

If the number rolled matches, then the player will get that as a multiplier on their win. There’s even a mystery bonus round, which doesn’t even require players to make a specific bet on the mystery bonus in order to activate it.

When triggered, it allocates multipliers to all bets for a free spin or pays out a multiplier of the player’s total bet.

3. Dream Catcher

Evolution Gaming’s Dream Catcher is the first of this type of game to be released. Since its release in 2017, the game has sparked a growing number of other Wheel of Fortune games.

Dream Catcher Live

For playing Dream Catcher though, players are able to bet on just 6 different numbers (1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40, each with their respective payouts that match their number), which are all found on the wheel.

On top of this, it’s possible for players to score both double and 7x multipliers depending on where the pointer lands at the end of a spin.

4. Crazy Time

The final Wheel of Fortune game discussed here is Evolution Gaming Crazy Time show.

Crazy Time Live

This exciting game offers almost everything you could think of. If you’re looking for a fast-paced, high-paying game, then this is the one for you.

Crazy Time offers up big wins, multipliers, bonuses, extra rounds and so much more.

This game offers up 8 different segments to bet on and, again, each of these has its own payouts that will depend on how many segments of that type can be found on the wheel.

Better yet, there’s a relatively high hit rate, with the sixth spin usually eliciting a win, making this game hugely popular.

Additionally, there’s a top slot section that spins at the same time as the wheel. If this aligns with the wheel when it stops spinning, it will offer up some multipliers.

On top of that, there are four separate bonus rounds available and these can be triggered by betting on and landing one of the four Crazy Time segments, which each offer something a little different.

These bonus rounds include Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip and Crazy Time bonus.

Online casinos with Wheel of Fortune games

There are of course many Wheel of Fortune games in the virtual format, where players are able to spin wheels and hope that the pointer lands on the desired segment of the wheel offering up large prizes.

But the live casino games treat things a little differently, offering bigger payouts, unique in-game bonuses, multipliers and, of course, that exciting live game ambience.

So, what exactly do these games entail? Well, each one of the Wheel of Fortune games offers something a little bit different.

These differences are based on the size of the wheel and the number of segments found on it. However, while they may be different in the prizes they offer, they all operate in the same way.

Each of the wheels is hung vertically and there is a croupier on hand to get the wheel spinning.

This can be spun either clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on the game. There’s a stop in place that will click past each of the segments, slowing the wheel until the pointer finally comes to rest on one of the segments and the prize is paid out – if it has been won that is!

As with other live games, all of the action is captured via high definition video cameras and this action is streamed live to the casino the player has signed up to.

In order to access the feed, the player simply needs to enter the game and start placing some bets on where they expect the pointer to land after a spin.

It’s possible for players to interact, with the dealer telling them their bets and having general conversations with them.

There are different types of betting available on these games too. Generally, the bet is limited to choosing which colour, odd/even or a specific number the pointer will land on rather like roulette.

The payout you get for a particular bet will depend on the specific wheel and how many of each segment it has.

For instance, a wheel that has 50% red segments will have a lower payout for a bet on red when compared to betting on a colour that has only two segments.

However, each game has subtle differences that need to be recognized as this can make a difference when it comes to choosing the game and winning.


What are the Wheel of Fortune games?

Wheel of Fortune live games are similar to roulette in that players have to place a bet on which segment they think the pointer will land on after a spin has been completed.

Are Wheel of Fortune games legal in Canada?

Yes, Wheel of Fortune games are legal in Canada as long as the casino is located off-shore and holds a valid licence.

Do Wheel of Fortune games give high payouts?

Yes, they can. It will depend on the wheel being played as to the top prize, but some wheels can pay out as much as 50,000x the bet.

Are all Wheel of Fortune games the same?

No, they are not. Different games have different rules and bonus features available.

What is the RTP and volatility of Wheel of Fortune games?

Usually, these types of games have an RTP above 95% – again this varies across games. On top of that, these games tend to be highly volatile, meaning you will have to keep playing for a while before a win comes your way.


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