White label casinos

What Is a White Label Casino?

A white label casino is a partnership that allows you to rent a casino from a parent company, but run it as your own. Therefore, the provider will supply you with the technological and operational tools while you market your services.

You will implement strategies to acquire customers. Basically, a white label casino is an iGaming franchise business.

SkillonNet White Label casino

Undoubtedly, not everyone can raise the finances to start a brand new casino. However, if you are good at marketing, managing, and branding a business, this is a perfect option for you.

You and the provider will come up with a way to distribute the profits. However, make sure that you do background checks to confirm that your provider is authentic.

Note: It is vital to research the iGaming industry to know the right strategies that will grow your business.

Best white label casinos

White label casino platforms

The software that supplies you with white label casino services is crucial in your business.

Different platforms exist and they have different terms and conditions, earnings, and services. Hence, you should learn about a few to make the right call.

Examples of white label casino platforms are:


SkillOnNet is one of the top online casino providers who can develop a profitable online casino business for you. Players can access the software via a smartphone or desktop. Besides, it is compatible with several domains, including .co, .com, .uk, .se, and.dk. Hence, it can be used by entrepreneurs from different parts of the world.

This platform will offer you gambling licenses, which will save you money and time-consuming application processes. Also, the payment options on the software are convenient, and the withdrawals can be processed within 11 hours. As a result, your clients won’t have a hard time accessing their money.

Moreover, the platform will be in charge of customer support. The customer care service is available 24/7 and it’s multilingual, so your clients will always be satisfied.



If you want to work with software that is compatible with all devices, ProgressPlay is your choice. This software runs on smartphones, computers, and tablets. The provider also takes care of customer services and payment processing.

Moreover, the platform is licensed and regulated by renowned organizations like the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. The provider offers full turnkey solutions, allowing you to brand your business effectively.



Nektan is a casino provider whose primary markets are Europe, Asia, and the US. Its offices are situated in the US, the UK, and India. However, with time, the company will be available in other parts of the world.

Nektan has not been in the industry for long, but it has introduced advanced features and solutions, allowing it to be among the best white label casino platforms. It has already been listed on the London Stock Exchange.

With this software, you will be offered licensing, vital tools, suppliers, quality games, and casino content. The software works with renowned games studios, and thus your clients will have a better experience.


Aspire Global

Aspire Global is listed on NASDAQ First North Premier Growth Market headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. This software will provide you with quality online gaming solutions to create an outstanding brand for your clients.

Its website is designed to perform optimally with the best gaming options. The provider will offer you licensing, tools, and customer services, while you handle marketing.

It is essential to call several companies to get enough information that will help you during the comparison. If you have never worked in the iGaming industry before, you should consult an expert to help you.


SkillonNet White label casinos

All white label casino providers

  • SkillOnNet
  • ProgressPlay
  • Nektan
  • Aspire Global
  • EveryMatrix
  • Pragmatic Solutions
  • SoftSwiss
  • SoftGamings
  • Dragonfish
  • 1click games
  • FinnPlay
  • Digitain
  • Soft2Bet
  • Together Gaming

White label Vs standalone casino

Various things differentiate white label and standalone casinos. A standalone casino is one that is launched by the owner.

Therefore, you will finance it, apply for licenses, customize your brand, market it, and offer customer support. Hence, it needs adequate cash and time.

However, in some instances, you can partner with a gaming developer to create the software.

The developer will be in charge of licensing, programming, operation, and customization. But unlike white labels, you will finance these processes because the company is yours.

A standalone casino is advantageous as you fully participate in all projects, you can plan and change its operations accordingly, and have full control of the finances.

Thus, if you can get the high upfront finances to invest in it, you will gain massive profits, which is crucial for entrepreneurs.

Most people usually gravitate towards white label casino because they have access to an already established platform. In addition, you will get free gaming services and reliable turnkey solutions.

With white label casino, you can introduce your business to the market within a short period.

Additionally, since the payment processing is handled by the parent company, your work will be easier.

Best standalone casinos

What’s needed to set up a white label casino?

You need a few things in place to set up a white label casino, and they include:

  • Fees: You should have setup fees to customize your casino. Since the provider will take care of all processes at the start, it is natural for them to ask for a fair setup fee.
  • Services or Products: The services and/or products offered at white label casinos differs with providers. Thus, you should research what you may need from a parent company. The services or products included in your package will determine your fees.
  • Revenue Agreement: You also need to present the platform provider with a written agreement discussing the revenue share. You will state the percentage that the provider will get from your operations. This is a subject of negotiation. Ensure that you are satisfied with the stipulations before signing the contract.

Some platforms may ask for more or less of the discussed things. Therefore, you should ask questions upfront to avoid misunderstandings.

Running a white label casino is a business that many people are venturing into nowadays. The business is beneficial as it is affordable, convenient and easy to operate.