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Hello, welcome to the about us page. We are glad that you want to meet us more as well as our little friend, the casino zombie Zed.

Ranking the best online casinos in Canada!

The Zombie Zed is a mascot of our casino guide behind which we stand, we, the casino experts who are casino players themselves with over of 15 years experience in the online gambling world.

onlinecasinozed.com is our first online casino guide with a focus on helping Canadian casino players. But don’t think of us as beginners, we have been doing this for a long time with a lot of successful casino guides that we run in other countries over the past two decades.



Online Casino Zed guarantee’s

  • Only safe and legal online casinos with SSL encryption
  • 100% secure, licensed and trusted online casinos
  • Great casino experience with answers to all your question

As a result, we have gained vast experience as players who have become casino experts who want to help other players.

The knowledge and skills that we have gained over the years are easily realized in our online casino guide platforms that are easy to use and pleasing to eyes.

We keep our gained experience so far as an ace up our sleeve and use it when dealing with various gambling topics and guides that help players improve their knowledge, increase their chances of winning and do not make fatal mistakes during their online casino adventures.

Our plan is to create the absolute best Canadian casino guide in every sense of the word, and here we will explain what our plan is and how we do it.

Experiences at online casinos are not always positive, but after the analysis, the statistics we received showed that most dissatisfied players are due to lack of information.

This happens when choosing a casino game about which they do not know all the rules, accepting bonuses without reading terms and conditions, selection and registration to unlicensed casinos, and the choice of banking method and more.

That’s why we created Zombie Zed, your best friend who will prevent you from making such mistakes, and made sure that your online casino experience was safe, fun and positive!

Who is Zed?

Zed is a bloodthirsty casino player who has been completely engrossed by his fantasy mission.

In the mission, Zed is the hero who helps other Canucks outbid online casinos.

Hang out with Zed in search of the best Canadian online casinos, the juiciest and biggest casino bonuses and of course Zed’s own tips and advice on how to outwit the casino.

In zombie Zed’s nature is that he always focus himself to be the first with online casino news related to Canada, Zed will bring you daily online casino tips and tricks, and make sure that you always have correct and useful info related about online casinos and online gambling in Canada.

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Our main focus is to help players

The expert team for Online Casino Zed has several main focuses, and these are:

  • No.1 – We test and review online casinos available to Canadian players in order to make sure they offer trustworthy services and fairness.
  • No.2 – With our experience in online gaming, we deliver casino game learning tools, expertise on different casinos offers, topics and advice in order to help players, not casinos.
  • No.3 – Independent blog posts, news and guidelines to make players feel safe and protected.

If you are a beginner who wants to try your luck at an online casino, our guide will provide you with all the information and guidance given by an experienced casino team and players.

Here you can easily find tips and explanations of different casino categories and offers that at first glance seem complicated and confusing.

With Casino Zed, you will be safer and you will not make a wrong move.

Online casino services are numerous and there are many categories, options and offers available at online casinos.

We are looking for a way to simplify that and explain each option with our useful and quality content that exclusively helps players to increase their chances of winning and to be well versed in each segment of online casinos.

Our casino rating process

Every casino that is listed on our site has gone through a verification process, to make sure our expert team is confident in its trustworthy, safety, quality, and fairness.

The verification process consists of several steps including:

  1. Checking the license
  2. Checking features and support services
  3. Checking the quality of games and their providers
  4. Terms and conditions of bonus promotions must be reasonable
  5. The casino must have secure and diverse payment methods
  6. Casinos offering Canadian dollar currency are a priority

After casino has gone through verification process it will be added in our top list. Here is the example

OnlineCasinoZed is a group of experts who, with their knowledge and experience, ensure that the published content is correct and accurate, that every casino is regulated and fair, and that all information reflects the latest iGaming information concerning players from Canada.

Our online gambling experts verify that all the information on onlinecasinozed.com is comprehensive, so you as a player can trust the guidelines you read here to help you through every question and step in your gambling adventure at Canadian online casinos.

Updated info’s on a daily basis

We are in contact with people who work for casinos, and we are the first with information such as new bonuses, changes in terms and conditions, offers of new games, new banking methods and currencies, or other changes that are really important for players.

As soon as we get the news that the casino has changed the bonus, the first thing we do is enter our tables and update the bonus amount to be accurate, then check all pages and remove it from those where it no longer fits and add where it fits with the new offer.

In addition to the latest news, updating casino information and reviews, we help players explain unfamiliar terms and the general casino to which online casino functions and the games that come with them. Let’s look at the example below.

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