VIP casinos

Are you looking for the best online VIP casinos in Canada? We are here to guide you through some essential information related to VIP casinos.

For many, VIP programs in casinos can go unnoticed. It allows a customer to have access to prestige services offered by the casino.

However, these services fall in different tiers for which you have to qualify gradually.

Although VIP benefits and rewards are almost the same in every casino, some of them offer extra services such as birthday bonuses and personified offers.

VIP casino
VIP casino

Usually, being a high roller will allow you to qualify for VIP program of a casino.

On top of that, some casinos focus on higher winnings while others focus on providing diverse game tables. In the long run, VIP customers always have an edge over regular customers.

Best VIP casino programs in Canada

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Introduction to VIP casinos in Canada

A gambler usually judges a casino by what he experiences on the table. However, those experiences can always be upgraded to a VIP program. Luckily, all casinos in Canada are extremely generous with their VIP program.

In 2021, the Canadian gambling world is worth around CD$16 billion. Additionally, it holds the eighth position in the online gambling world.

From these statistics, we shouldn’t be surprised to see why casinos’ offer such lucrative VIP benefits.

If you are a Canadian citizen, there are plenty of options to choose from. Every one of them is trusted and plays 100% by the rules. Also, there is an extensive catalogue of games to choose from.

All of these casinos accept Interac as a payment option. In fact, this is the most widely used online payment methods in Canada. Payout is completed in two days and luckily, casinos with VIP services have an average winning rate of over 97%.

However, being in a VIP program doesn’t entail you enjoying all the benefits. It depends on your rank or level.

The higher the level, the greater the benefits. You can read more about this on the casino’s VIP page. This discloses all the relevant information about the VIP club.

What do VIP’s get at the casinos?

Do you value loyalty? It certainly matters a lot when you are gambling in a casino. Moreover, it makes your gambling experience more enjoyable in the long run.

The more you wage the better the rewards will be. VIP clubs usually host high stake games.

Technically, the winning chances also increase in the relevant VIP tables or books. Additionally, VIP casinos offer an array of bonuses and gifts. The benefits include:

  • Loyalty points to exchange for free bets and bonus money
  • Free bets for reaching a higher level
  • Cashback rewards
  • Tangible gifts, such as mobile phones/tablets, free coupons, days out, and even holidays.

What to look for before joining VIP programs

  • Is there a Sportsbook section?
  • Are live games included in the VIP program?
  • Do slots offer extra spins and a VIP jackpot?
  • Is there a weekly depositing or wagering requirement?
  • Which tiers do I have to reach before I qualify for a bonus?

Casinos offer benefits to encourage their customers to stay engaged. Always make sure that the VIP club suits your style of gambling.

How to join a casino VIP program

There are two ways to become a VIP member of a casino. There’s a 24/7 dedicated team that monitors your activity at the table. This means, if you stake large amounts of money they are more likely to invite you to join their VIP programs.

Furthermore, some sites have created a tier and stage system. This allows you to work your way up the ladder to reach VIP status.

However, there are certain requirements you have to meet. Being a high and consistent wager are the most common requirements. You can learn more about that on a casino’s VIP guidelines.

Usually, the VIP club is an elite gambling club, and you need to wager considerably to join. Often, there are personal invitations from clubs for specific players.

This is done after a current evaluation of your betting consistency.

However, you can join the VIP program from day one. You are simply required to make a high stake deposit. In some casinos, VIP benefits are tied to bronze, silver, gold, platinum, premium and prestige level.

However, rising from the bronze level to the prestige level will take a reasonable amount of time. In fact, you can only move up to the rank by playing and earning reward points.

Find the Best VIP casinos online

Loyalty is becoming an important factor for both casinos and customers. A strong trust always gives benefits to both sides.

Quality casinos allow you to join the VIP club through predefined measurements and personal invitations. In Canada, online casinos operate quite fairly.

Their VIP services include fast online casino payouts which motivate a player.

We have considered trusted names in the gambling world who offer mega welcome bonuses, live games in the VIP section, and roller-focused VIP programs.

VIP RankCasino
1Woo Casino
3Captain Spins

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Is there available a dedicated loyalty team to answer your questions?

The VIP club also includes a dedicated Q&A service which means the VIP customer is always a priority in every aspect of the game.

Is there a specific fee requirement to join the VIP club in casinos?

No, in most of the online casinos in Canada, the requirements don’t include anything related to specific fees.

Do VIP Casinos offer personal account managers and free plays?

All the listed casinos offer personal account managers and free plays on Sundays. However, depending on the casino, these benefits might fall in different tiers.