Visa casinos

Best online casinos in Canada that accept Visa card deposits and withdrawals and detailed guide with everything you need to know about how Visa and online casinos work best together. To begin with, let’s just clarify that the same applies to Visa prepaid cards, Visa Debit cards, Visa Credit card and Visa Gift cards.

Best online casinos that accepts Visa card & Visa Gift Card

Different types of Visa cards

Type of Visa CardDescriptionFunding SourceCredit Check RequiredAcceptance
Visa Credit CardA line of credit provided by a bank or financial institution. Cardholders can make purchases on credit and pay off the balance later with interest.Credit limit provided by the issuerYes, for approvalWidely accepted for purchases and payments
Visa Debit CardLinked to the cardholder’s checking or savings account. Purchases and withdrawals are deducted directly from the linked bank account.Linked bank accountNo (uses existing funds)Widely accepted for purchases, payments, and ATMs
Visa Prepaid CardPreloaded with a specific amount of money by the cardholder. Can be used until the preloaded balance is depleted.Preloaded by the cardholder or a third partyNo (uses preloaded funds)Accepted at locations that accept Visa cards
Visa Gift CardA type of prepaid card typically given as a gift. Preloaded with a fixed amount of money and often not reloadable.Preloaded by the purchaser or gift giverNo (uses preloaded funds)Accepted at locations that accept Visa cards

How to make an deposit with Visa

Choose VISA

Start by clicking on deposit and picking VISA as payment method.

Choose amount

In the next step you need to pick an amount to deposit. Either choose an amount or click on other to enter an amount.

Add your VISA card details

In step 3 you need to put in your VISA card details such as card number, first name, last name, expiry date and CVV code.


The last step is to click deposit. If you have an additional verification via your bank, you verify the transfer. Otherwise, the transfer is made immediately.

Here is an example:

Deposit with Visa

Things to keep an eye on

Keep track of the maximum amount you can deposit at one time and what the minimum deposit requirement is. You will find this information at all casinos in their payment department. The pictures here show a clear example of what it looks like.

Visa deposits limits at online casinos

Also check the minimum withdrawal requirement, maximum withdrawal per time and how long the withdrawal can take. If 1-3 days are shown for Visa card, that is quite good as for many it can take up to 7 working days.

Visa withdrawal at online casinos

Avoid exchange fees

Make sure to have selected your local currency in the casino to avoid unnecessary exchange rates. For example, if you have chosen to play in USD but make a deposit with your Visa card that is linked to your account where you have CAD, then the bank may charge a small fee to change the transfer to you. If you set up CAD at the casino, you avoid this.

How to load your Visa gift card

On the back of your card you will find a telephone number. Call this number to check how much credit you have on the card and/or to top up the card.

Visa Gift card

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Is it safe to use your Visa card at online casinos?

Yes, your card details are encrypted so that neither you, the casino nor anyone else can see your credit card details.

Do all casinos also accept Visa gift cards?

Yes, all online casinos accept Visa cards regardless of whether it is a gift card or your regular Visa card. Also Visa prepaid cards and Visa debit cards are accepted at online casinos.

Does Visa accept online gambling?

Yes, Visa allows its customers to transfer money to and from online casinos without problems.