Kahnawake License Commission

The Kahnawake is a gaming regulatory body that is active in licensing and regulating a wide range of online casinos. It also deals with porker room licensing.

Those who love sportsbook sites and land-based poker rooms also benefit from the licensing body.

The licensing body operates in the territory of Kahnawake. Many gamers prefer the licensing body because it creates a secure platform where they get to explore a wide range of games.

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What does Kahnawake do?

The gaming regulatory body deals with licensing of online and land-based casinos. All casinos that operate in the territory of Kahnawake require licenses to operate.

The gaming commission creates a fair environment for people to enjoy various gaming adventures. Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake has several games.

Players can enjoy a wide range of games that adhere to the regulations set by the authorities after they follow the guidelines under the licensing body. The licensing body effectively ensures all games available in the territory have the right licenses.

How does the Kahnawake license protect players?

The licensing commission ensures all the games that gamblers access is safe. Players who choose to play interactive games can play with peace of mind knowing all the games are safe.

Kahnawake License Commission
Kahnawake License Commission

All interactive games pass through several development stages. The stages should be safe to avoid incidences where gamers can lose their funds.

Players feel comfortable playing the games available on the online sites that operate in Kahnawake because they meet the highest security measures. Many players are happy to try different games that fulfill the licensing requirements of the commission.

Limiting your play

Sometimes players can end up overdoing their gaming adventures. The Kahnawake licensing body allows players to limit their gaming adventures. They can select the number of games they can play at a given time and limit some games.

Some players prefer setting limits on the amount they can gamble in a given time. They can even decide to set it at zero to avoid using too much money on the games. The safety features contribute to developing fair gambling practices in gamblers.

Excluding yourself

Some gamblers develop habits that are hard for them to overcome. For example, they would like to stop betting lousy habits. They can request the commission to exclude them from all games the body licenses.

The self-exclusion request is helpful because it contributes to managing bad gambling habits. The commission ensures all players are comfortable participating in the games. Theself-exclusion feature is permanent, and gamblers will not recover it even if they change their minds later.

You can contact them atexclusion@gamingcommission.ca and submit your official documents for the exclusion feature. It is a voluntary process that stops you from continuing with the gambling habit that you intend to stop.


The licensing body contributes towards making players compliant. There are several rules that gamblers have to stick to. They find it easy to abide by the rules and enjoy their gambling adventures. Players feel comfortable to start enjoying the games.

You can get assistance in your tax planning after joining the online casinos with the licenses. It is a requirement for people who earn from gambling to file taxes.

The tax filing process for players is easy if they can follow the commission’s guidelines. It contributes to making the gambling experience easy for players.

What countries are protected by Kahnawake?

Kahnawake protects gamers in Canada. Players in Canadian territories such as Quebec and Montreal. French Canadian territories stick to the licenses. The licenses are effective in making players access fair gaming adventures.

Players can turn to the games to explore the different games available. Through the licenses, players can always feel great.

How do I leave a complaint to Kahnawake?

There is a clear process to be followed to leave a complaint at the Kahnawake commission. Players can submit complaints via email, fax, and mail.

The address to submit your complaint is as follows:

  • Mohawk Council of Kahnawá:ke
  • P.O. Box 720
  • Kahnawá:ke Mohawk Territory
  • J0L 1B0
  • Attention: Executive Director’s Office
  • Fax: (450) 638-5958
  • Email: Complaints@mck.ca

There is an alternative way to submit the complaints. Players can visit the executive director’s office and leave their complaints. People who prefer verbal submission will have to verbally summarize the complaints they offer.


When was the Kahnawake gaming licensing commission established?

The gaming commission was started on June 10, 1996. They have the right to regulate the type of games available to players. Kahnawake is a region in Canada that indigenous people run.

Does the Kahnawake commission cooperate with other regulators?

The commission understands the nature go online gaming. They cooperate with other licensing bodies to simplify the gaming adventure.

How is the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake constituted?

The commission has three members who are appointed for two years. They work with professionals and other agents to fulfil their mandate.