Casino House Edge – Know your odds in casino games

Casino House Edge - Know your odds in casino games

The house edge or casino advantage is a sure thing when it comes to all casino games.

If you thought that casinos make money by the bad luck of players or some other factors, you were wrong.

All casino games are made so that the casino always has an advantage over the players.

The house edge is responsible for that, and in today’s article, we will explain how it works in casino games and how to reduce it and turn in to the player’s advantage.

What is house edge?

House edge is a term used in casino games to describe the mathematical advantage that a game has over a player.

It is usually expressed as a percentage and is included in all gambling games such as slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker, lottery and others.

House edge is not set by the casino but is an advantage built into the system of the game itself, so regardless of whether you want to play online or in a land-based casino, you will not be able to avoid the fact that the casino always has an advantage over the player.

The only thing you can do is learn more about it and use that knowledge to your advantage. The first thing we will reveal to you is that the house edge is not the same in all casino games.

The great thing is that we know what the house edge of each casino game is.

With that fact, we can understand how much each game will pay off over a period of time and which game offers us the best return on our bets. So let’s start.

How house edge works?

During our research on how the house edge works, we saw a lot of answers that do not actually offer answers, but complicate and confuse the players even more.

That’s why we’ve made the simplest answer below that will explain how the house edge actually works at casino games.

Imagine you and I bet $ 100 each to toss a coin. Our chances of winning are equal (50%), which means that no matter how much we play, the outcome will be a draw.

But imagine say one of us made a coin that will fall more to one side, which you bet on.

This means that our chances of winning are different now, while you have a 60% chance and I have a 40% chance of winning.

If we bet in the long run, you will have a mathematical advantage over me, and after a long time, you will win more money. In this way, casinos also have an advantage over players.

How to use house edge into your advantage

Information about the house edge percentage of the game tells us which game is more profitable, which means that a game with a low house edge is better for the player because it will pay off more compared to a game that has a high house edge.

Info about the percentage of house edge on all casino games has been collected here on the page and can help you avoid casino games that give a huge advantage to the house (casino).

The percentage of house edge on all casino games

Although they say that the house always wins, with the right strategy and knowledge this can be changed.

If we choose casino games with a lower house edge, our chances of winning become bigger, which is why our expert casino team has prepared a list with the exact percentage of the house edge in popular and most played casino games available online or in land-based casinos.

Here is the list:

Casino gameHouse edge percentage
Blackjack0.5% – 1.5%
Baccarat1.06% – 14.3%
Craps1.4% – 16.6%
Roulette2.7% – 5.6%
Slots2% – 17%
Sic-Bo2.7% – 33.3%
Video Poker0.46% – 7.3%

If you look at the table you will notice that the house edge is not the same, but varies.

Don’t be confused by the fact that the house edge is not fixed, but varies and is affected by the type of bet you play, as well as the variation of the game you play.


In the table, we indicated that the house edge on blackjack varies from 0.5% to 1.5%. Many factors affect the amount of house edge in blackjack and that is:

  • what type of blackjack you play
  • the number of decks
  • the difference in rules (whether the dealer stands at soft 17 or not)
  • whether you use the strategy (Blackjack Charts)
  • and counting cards

Using the right strategy and playing with blackjack charts reduces the house edge to a minimum of 0.5% which gives you an advantage and a better chance of winning.


Although baccarat is not such a popular game because it was considered a game with big stakes, today on those casino sites it is also available to us with a lot of players.

Many find this game complicated but it is actually very simple and if you play it well the house edge can be reduced to 1.01%.

Let’s look at the house edge percentage on the different types of bets and number of decks in baccarat game:



As for slots, here house edge is not as important to players as the amount of RTP percentage on slot games and volatility.

Although slots are a game of pure luck and there is no strategy, some pre-game knowledge can increase the odds and reduce the casino advantage.

Most slots have a maximum of 20 pay lines, playing with 10 pay lines will of course reduce your chances and increase the advantage of the casino.

That is why it is recommended to always play with max pay lines. You should also pay attention to information about features such as slot volatility and the amount of RTP because that way you know how the game will behave and how to play with it.

If you are really interested, the house edge on slot games is calculated easily, you subtract 100% of the RTP and the result you get is the house edge of a certain slot game.


Roulette is a game with a house edge of 2.7% – 5.6%. If you play American roulette then your house edge will be significantly higher (5.6% ), while playing European and French roulette which has 37 slots with only one zero significantly reduces your home advantage (2.7%).

There are also strategies like martingales that can help you increase your chances but we have to tell you that not one strategy works 100%.

So what games should I play?

We can’t tell you which games to play, it’s up to you. In this article, we have only explained the facts and in which games you have a better chance of winning towards the house edge.

If you play the game long enough, the house edge will make you lose all your money in the end.

If you know and like to play a game that has a much bigger house edge than, say, a game that has a smaller one that you don’t like or don’t know how to play, then the best option should be for you to play the game you know the best.

That way you will have a better chance of winning.

House edge can’t be avoided but if you are well informed about the game, and you play smart, sometimes you it can beat it.

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