How to play Roulette

How to play roulette is a question that many new players and beginners want to know. In today’s article, we are going to explain the basic rules of roulette casino games. Roulette can be played in classic brick and mortar casinos and at online casinos in Canada. Online roulette can be played at online casinos for free and for real money.

Roulette is a common casino game that has been around since the 17th century. The game is very popular among very many worldwide casinos due to the simplicity of the game.

Online roulette is played very similarly to the roulette in person. The only difference is the ball moves freely and randomly in real life and in online roulette, the ball is a simulation therefore the chance is done by computing.

How to play roulette?

How to play roulette in a casino.
Roulette in casino

Here we are going to explain to you in steps how to play roulette! Let’s begin with step number one!

Step No.1: The first thing you must know is the equipment which the game is played with. The wheel contains 36 numbers and a 0. The croupier will then spin the wheel and put a white ball inside the wheel.

The betting then takes place and which number or color the ball will land on.

You can bet either for:

  • 1st 12
  • 2nd 12
  • 3rd 12
  • 1-18
  • 19-36
  • Even
  • Odd
  • Black
  • Red

Step No.2: Know the inside of the table. Solely betting on one number the odds are 35 to 1. If you split the numbers it will be 17 to 1. Corner betting will be an 8 to 1. Six line betting is 5 to 1.

Step No.3: The outside bets. Color betting pays 1 to 1. As well as even and odd betting. Column betting or betting on 12 numbers pays out 2 to 1. Dozen betting pays 2 to 1. High or low bets pay 1 to 1.

Step No.4: Realize your odds. If playing on an American table there will be an extra number 00 which increases the odds for the house and lowers the odd for the better. The casino has about a 6% advantage.

Step No.5: How to play roulette, first you need to find a table. Each table will have a minimum of $5 inside and outside bet. The maximum is $1000 but sometimes the inside has a lower maximum due to the higher payouts.

Step No.6: How to play roulette (online). The same concepts are applied but the comfort ability of doing so at your house. Online roulette is becoming more popular because the chances of winning are higher also you don’t have to interact with people who can change your betting decisions.

Online roulette can also drain your wallet very quickly because of the virtual currency. It doesn’t have that real feeling of losing the money. Therefore be very careful when starting online roulette. Also, the online casino still has better odds of winning just like the casino in reality.

The development of technology has brought out online casinos and online betting. There is a various online casino and it becomes more popular. The rise in online casino and online roulette has had its share of scams. Be very careful when gambling with an online casino.

Various types of online roulette

Also, take into consideration that there are various types of roulette. This means the odds and game could have a little different twist. That is for a more complex explanation but the three main games are

  • French roulette
  • American roulette
  • European roulette

French roulette has the best odds of winning and American the least, therefore, try to play more of the French roulette. One of the attributes that set French roulette aside from the others is its payout table.

This is known as the half-back rule. This means if the ball lands on 0 all the wagers made will be only half. The house advantage is only 1.5% compared to 5% in American roulette.

Roulette Wheel – how does it work?

Roulette wheen is a mechanical system that is an important part of the roulette game. To b better player in online roulette, you should know how the roulette wheel works.

Below we have explained all important info and some of the fun facts.

More about how roulette wheels work, here!

Understanding the roulette table

The first step to understanding the mechanisms of the roulette is to differentiate between the roulette wheel and the roulette table. 

The former is the wheel that spins around with 37-38 numbered pockets where the ball lands.

The roulette table is the surface where players place bets of the outcome of the next spin of the wheel.

Offering 38 outcomes, players can place bets based on various aspects of the outcome such as color, odd/even number, high or low number and more.

The dealer will spin the wheel in one direction, and the ball in the opposite.

Players will be required to predict the number on which the ball will rest. Bets can be placed as individuals or as a group of players.

If you are lucky to predict the exact number of which the ball rests, the dealer will pay the winnings.  

In this article, we will highlight the mechanical systems behind the results you obtain while playing the game.

The roulette cloth

Image of the roulette cloth
Roulette Cloth

The roulette cloth provides a professional gaming environment, and you can actually buy this cloth and create your own roulette surface.  A roulette cloth is an essential requirement, and buying one is cheaper than the original roulette table.

Better yet, the cloth is convenient since you can fold it away and store when not in use. The cloth comes with a smooth surface and is made of 100% felt, which makes it easy gliding cards while at the same time protecting the surface of the table from the chips being thrown.

When planning to buy the roulette cloth, it is always advisable to choose a good quality felt material. The fabric is usually green in color and measures 140 cm x90 cm.

Place it on a flat table, and you have your instant roulette table.  The cloth comes numbered 0, and 00, which means that it can be used for both American and European roulette.

Roulette ball

Example of roulette balls
Roulette balls

Unlike the roulette cloth which comes standard, the roulette balls are designed in various materials.  Initially, this ball was made of ivory and wood.

Still, over the years, the design has changed, and currently, roulette balls are mostly crafted from synthetic material such as acetal, phenolic, acetal, and Teflon.

The material used matters since it impacts how the ball moves on the roulette table. If you are looking to play professional, you should understand how the different balls operate.

Apart from the material used, roulette balls also differ in sizes. The general available sizes include 3/8,5/8, 3/4, 1/2, and 7/16 inches. However, the most common sizes are 3/4 and 5/8 inches, both of which are mostly made of Teflon and ivorine materials.

Balls made from Teflon materials usually have a flat white color while those made from ivorine will have a pale-yellow color.

The roulette wheel

Image of roulette wheel
Modern roulette wheel

There are two variations of roulette table; European tables and American tables. Most Europeans tables come with 37 holes which are numbered 0-36. The 0 is colored green, and the other numbers (18 or each) are in red or black. On the other hand, the American table will come with a second green pocket with double zero.

This wheel is mostly made of wood which could vary from mahogany, cherry, maple or oak. Despite the material used, these tables will mostly come in size 80cm diameter.

You can, however, have your roulette table customized depending on where you want to place it. You can as well have it made of metal or plastic. Most casino roulette wheels are made of metal in the main part of the wheel and wood for the bowl. 

Another important feature of the roulette wheel is the rotator which allows the bowl to spin. However, the modern roulette tables spin automatically.

The key components of a roulette wheel

  • The Bowl and the Wheelhead – The external housing is the bowl which is the centerpiece, and the wheel head is the section that rotates.
  • Diamond – These are metal deflectors that are located at strategic spots to help hit the ball and make the outcome random. They are also known as disruptions, deflectors, pins, slats, or stops.
  • Ball Track – This is the circular path where the ball rolls on before diamonds deflect it.  This part is usually very crucial for playing using the prediction method to beat the dealer.
  • The Frets – This is the section separating two pockets on the wheel. It is designed using non-magnetic material like copper, brass, or plastic.
  • The Rotor – This is the innermost part of the roulette wheel and is usually rotated with the pockets. It is responsible for the biggest portion of the bias.
  • Turret – This is a decorative piece that is used to hide the height adjuster.
  • Spindle – The spindle is used to support the rotating center piece.
  • Tiles – The European roulette has one zero tile while as the American has two zero tiles
  • Pockets – The pockets are slots where the ball eventually lands and has a winning number written on each. The most common roulette wheel pockets include Low Fret, Huxley Starburst, and Scalloped Pockets.

Roulette odds

Roulette odds depend on the type of wager placed. The odds are highest for single number stakes and lowest for outside bets such as odd/even numbers or red/black.

You will have better odds playing the European roulette compared to the American variation.

The odds of winning at roulette are 36:1, which is quite low compared to other casino games.

Can I play roulette at home?

Of course! You don’t have to visit a casino since using miniature roulette equipment brings all the fun at the comfort of your home.

Many sites are selling these equipment, and you don’t have to break a bank either as they are quite affordable. There are also some DIY options you can source online with step-by-step guides.

Although the odds are not as high when using smaller sets compared to online and land-based casinos, they still deliver a similar gaming experience

Check out our roulette casinos guide page for more information on how to play online roulette or you can check our list of best live casino sites to play in real life time against human dealers.

Interesting facts about roulette

  • The lowest number on the roulette wheel is 0 going up to the 36, which is the highest. Odds numbers are red while even numbers are black from the range 1 to 10, and the reverse 10 to 1, and also from 11-18 and from 29-36.
  • When the dealer spins the wheel in one direction, the ball will move in the opposite direction.  The roulette ball rolls on a circular and tilted track which runs on the outer edge of the wheel.
  • Blaise Pascal invested the roulette cylinder in the 17th century. He invented the game while trying to create a machine in perpetual motion. Today’s roulette game was introduced in the 18th century by Lois Blanc and Francois who designed the wheel.
  • The European roulette has 37 numbers which start from 0 up to 36. These numbers are colored black and red apart from the 0, which is a single slot and colored green.
  • The American roulette version has 38 numbers including 0 to 36, and 00. 18 of the numbers are black, and 18 are red. The 0 and 00 are colored green. For example, Fallsview casino at Niagara Falls, most of the roulette tables are American style, but there is also offer of European tables.
  • When you add all the numbers on a roulette wheel, you get a total of 666. This is why roulette is referred to as the “Devils Game.”
  • Top renowned roulette wheel manufactures are B.C. Wills &CO, Cammegh, and King Roulettes among others.

Few tips for the end

Online casinos offer the platform to play all three variants of the game compared to a classic casino in North America, which you have to play American roulette. Online roulette also allows a user to be at home will gambling. You can stay in your bed and be winning money.

This information is to inform about the game of roulette and how it is played. Also about online roulette and how you can play different variations that give the house a lower probability of winning thus paying more money out. Also the risk in depositing money to an online site that is fraudulent.

Also in how to place wagers in the most strategic way. Always put small bets within the round with the best probability of winning rather than only playing one number and hopping on a huge payout. That’s how to play roulette with knowledge of probability and little luck.

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How to win at roulette?

Chances to win at roulette are 50:50. honestly, there is no strategy that can help you with win streak, only you can use some mathematical strategy that can increase your chances to win. Our advice is to try roulette for free at online casinos before making a deposit.

What is Russian roulette?

Russian roulette is the cold blood game in which players use revolver with one bullet inside. Players spin the cylinder and put the pistol onto the head and pull the trigger. You can imagine what would happen if the round reaches the barrel fo the gun. This game can be seen in many movies and it is really lethal.

How does roulette work?

Roulette work on easy Principe, there is a roulette wheel, the ball and the cloth. The main goal of the game is to player predicts the number on which the ball will rest. There is a lot of combination on which players can place bets, like colours, odds, pair and other.