18 new casinos with an Ontario license this year alone

Ontario casinos

Since April 4, 2022, when Ontario introduced its new gambling regulation, quite a few casino operators withdrew from the market. Something that happened in many other markets around the world that also introduced new gambling regulations. In connection with a new gaming regulation, operators must be able to comply with the new rules, which can be costly and time-consuming to implement.

At the same time, online casinos often have many markets and therefore cannot bet everything on one market. That many operators did not obtain a license in Ontario is therefore not surprising at all. What would be strange, however, is if no new casinos were launched in Ontario. We have reviewed all valid licenses and found that this is not the case. Ontario has received 18 new casino operators with an Ontario license this year alone and the year is not yet over.

18 new casinos this year alone means quickly calculated more than 1 new casino a month! Above all, we now clearly see a trend of new casino operators who are willing to obtain an Ontario license now that they see that the license works.

At the time of writing, Ontario has 75 regulated operators offering gambling online. A figure that can be compared with other countries that have also introduced new regulation such as Sweden or the UK, where Sweden had slightly more casinos at the time of regulation and the UK less. In other words, Ontario is in the middle and now shows a positive trend that more and more online casinos will bet on Ontario.

Ontario casinos

Are all Ontario casinos good to play at?

We have seen new gambling regulations in several markets around the world and now also in Ontario. What we can say is that it is not always good casinos that get a license, but simply those that can follow the rules and pay for the license.

Unfortunately, this means that we also get bad casinos with a credible license. Personally, we at OnlinecasinoZED think that there are about 20 online casinos with an Ontario license that we would not recommend because over the years we have seen many dissatisfied customers at the same casinos but in other countries.

what operators are licensed in Ontario

A license does not guarantee that the casino is good, but only that it follows the rules that they have to operate in the province. Therefore, in our opinion, it is especially important and good to turn to a guide such as Onlinecasinozed.com to double check an online casino for Ontario.

Will more operators get Ontario licenses?

Most likely yes! Ontario has proven to be a popular market and the world’s absolute largest casino company has established itself. The clear trend of new casinos is also a pointer in the direction that even more operators will eventually establish themselves in Ontario.

Why is Ontario such a popular casino market?

The answer is simple, Ontario has an incredible number of land-based casinos already and a long culture of casino gaming. Gambling for money is simply something that many people love in Ontario.

Why doesn’t ZED list all Ontario casinos?

Again, we simply believe that all casinos that have a license are not good casinos. We know that a license makes the casino safer but as with any other company in the world there are always good and bad companies and many of the operators that we see with an Ontario license have simply been casinos we advised players not to play at. We want to ensure that we advise you as a player on top casinos where you will feel comfortable as a customer and therefore we only list Ontario’s very best online casinos.

However, you can find a list of all Ontario licensed casinos on our Ontario page.