Responsible gambling

What Is Responsible Gambling?

Responsible gambling is a broad term consisting of requirements and policies that apply to gambling vendors to ensure that they maintain the best standards of quality and provide a safe user experience that protects players from the potential negative effects of gambling.

Gambling should be seen as a fun pastime activity, rather than a means of survival.

However, it’s only a few individuals that can treat gambling as a recreational activity and stake only what they can afford to let go. A larger number of gamblers finds it difficult to treat it as recreation.

Both online gambling vendors and software providers are required to adhere to the principle of responsible gambling.

Also, software providers are expected to help gambling vendors to comply with legislative and technical demand. In this article, we’ll discuss the seven areas of responsible gambling that is directly associated with the iGaming industry. We’ll also share helpful tips for responsible gambling.

Gambling Therapy

Prevention of underage gambling

Underage gambling is one of the key aspects of responsible gambling and it must be stressed that individuals below the legal age of 18 are not allowed to gamble. Online gambling vendors must ensure that underage gambling activities do not occur in their sites.

They must also make sure that the law protecting minors in their respective jurisdictions is complied with. Online gambling operators must have a clear registration process for all players and compulsory verification be used to verify gamblers age.

Parents are also advised to monitor and take all precaution measures to ensure that their underage children do not have access by installing parental control programs or apps on their children/child phones.

Protection of affected gamblers

One of the key areas of responsible gambling is concerned with the security of affected gamblers.

Some players may get so addicted to sports betting or casino activities to the extent that it affects them negatively.

Some of the protection measures that can be imposed by gambling regulatory bodies include Limit on time and money a player can spend on a gambling site and being Self-exclusive.

Though each country has its gambling regulations. Vendors must show information organizations or agencies that can provide support to are vulnerable to gambling addictions.

Helpful tips for responsible gambling

There are a few tips that players can apply to ensure that they stay in control of their gambling activities to keep it fun and that they gamble responsibly at all times.

  • Only gamble with funds that you can afford to let go – never gamble with funds for important things like food, rent, or bills.
  • Always set a gambling limit before time – Set a limit of how much funds you are willing to lose even before you start betting. Immediate you get that limit stop.
  • Never chase loses – never try to recover the money back by staking more and exceeding your gambling limit.
  • Take a break – Once you observe that gambling is no longer fun stop for a while and continue later.
  • Treat gambling as a recreation and not as a means of making money – See gambling as a way of entertaining yourself or as a way of giving yourself a nice treat. See the money you spend gambling as money spent in bars or restaurants.
  • Don’t palace gambling before families and friends – Never use gambling to replace seeing and meeting with friends and families or social activities.
  • Never gamble when you are upset, depressed, or angry – You can make the right choice or decision when you are not in the right state of mind.
  • Never gamble under the influence of drugs or alcohol – Choices made under the influence of drugs and alcohol are oftentimes regretted, so never make the mistake of mixing them.
  • Ask for help – If by chance you find yourself going against the tips shared here to the part of this article that deals with how to get help and find help.

Gambling problem signs to watch out for

  • Constantly thinking about gambling.
  • Gambling until you lose all your money.
  • Lying to loved ones about the amount of money and time you put into gambling.
  • Borrowing funds from friends, family members, or money lenders to gamble.
  • Needing to increase gambling stakes to feel excited.

How to get help

According to the lawful British gambling regulator “responsible and safe gambling ensue from an industry that cares for its customers, players who are equipped with the right information to manage their gambling and the regulator that makes sure that the players are at the heart of everything we do.”

As we promote gambling services on this site we consider it necessary to inform our readers about the risk that comes with gambling and also how they can find help if by chance they get trapped by addiction.

Gambling Therapy

Gambling Therapy is a free online service that offers emotional support and practical advice to people outside Britain who have been trapped by gambling addiction.


This a charity organization that offers telephone confidential counselling and support to people affected by gambling addiction.


This a national online self-exclusion platform.

Use Website Blocking Softwares

You can use software like Gam Block, Cyber Patrol or Net Nanny to ensure that you don’t see gambling contents anymore.

Wrap up

Gambling activities are supposed to be fun and exciting. So never take the fun and excitement that comes with it by gambling irresponsibly. The moment you begin to treat gambling as a means of survival, instead of recreation that is when you start to endanger life, career, family, and business.