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High roller casinos are not specific casinos where only big players gather, but casinos that offer big players a VIP program. On this page we help you understand what you can expect from online casinos if you are a high roller. We have also compared all high roller programs and produced a list of the 10 best Canadian casinos for High rollers in our opinion below.

Best High roller casinos online

What is a high roller?

Well, simply explained, a high roller is someone who gambles for large sums. At online casinos, however, high rollers are divided into levels depending on how much they play. A high roller who plays for $1000 a month does not get the same treatment as, for example, a high roller who plays for $10,000 a month. A high roller may be a high roller regardless of how much he plays for, but it is important to know that casinos determine what type of high roller you are depending on how much you play for and how often.

High roller

How to join the casino high roller program

This is not something you can sign up for. The only way to join a high roller VIP program is to receive a personal invitation from the casino. In other words, you as a player must first prove to the casino that you are a high roller and when casinos see this, they also see how much you play for so that they can offer you the type of high roller treatment that is at your level. In most cases, you will receive a personal invitation as soon as you deposit and play for $1000 or more.

What is offered to high rollers?

High rollers always get a personal manager who helps you around the clock. This also guarantees faster withdrawals as your withdrawals will be processed immediately regardless of when you choose to withdraw your winnings. In addition to this, the casino always offers its high rollers more and better bonuses, lower wager requirements, larger withdrawal limits, personal gifts, invitations to various events and the chance to test games before everyone else.

Welcome bonuses for high rollers

If you already know that you are a high roller, you should not have to wait for the casino to invite you before you can take part in juicy bonuses. Many online casinos know that many high rollers like to collect welcome bonuses and therefore offer large match bonuses to new depositing customers. Bonuses that match your deposit by more than $1000 are considered high roller bonuses.

Games that suit high rollers

As a big player, you don’t want to play on a slot where the maximum bet is $0.50. Of course, you can make bigger bets in the live casino, but when it comes to slots, there are few games that offer big bets. I have therefore researched all slots games with high stakes and created a list of the best slots games for High rollers based on the maximum stake per spin the machine has.

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High roller FAQ

Who is considered a high roller at a casino?

Someone who deposits $1000 or more and/or someone who makes smaller deposits but regularly and reaches at least $1000 a month.

How does the casino contact high rollers?

You enter either an email address and/or a mobile number when you register with the casino. When they contact you as a high roller, the casino usually calls you personally to welcome you to their casino and to hear more about how they can make your experience better.

Isn’t there a casino called Highroller?

Yes, that is actually true, but the Highroller casino is not, as many people think, a top casino for high rollers without a concept where you try to reward all players as high rollers.