Paypal casinos for Canada

PayPal is one of the leading electronic digital currencies in the world today. The service is popular in the gambling community.

PayPal is free for any transaction between different vendors worldwide. Recently, PayPal has become one of the favourite deposit options for gambling websites.

However, at the moment transactional services are limited to certain countries.

PayPal works as an external checking account to allow transactions between different supported vendors.

Users deposit money from bank accounts or credit cards for them to transfer the amounts to a PayPal casino or a different vendor.

Users can link bank accounts or credit cards for direct withdrawals from PayPal to the bank account.

Best e-wallet for fast casino withdrawals!
Best e-wallet for fast casino withdrawals!

Best Paypal casinos in Canada

How to deposit with PayPal

Paypal paid

At any typical casino, making deposits through PayPal is easy and sometimes attracts the best deposit bonuses regardless of whether you are using mobile or PC.

Although the process differs depending on the casino, below is a universal way to deposit.

  1. Ensure that your account has money or is connected to a bank account or credit card with cash.
  2. Go to the deposit option on your casino page and choose PayPal as your preferred deposit option.
  3. Now, enter the amount you want to deposit making sure that it meets the minimum requirement by the casino.
  4. You will be redirected to the PayPal website where you will enter your details to approve the transaction.
  5. The requested amount will appear instantly on your account, and you will be ready to play.

How to withdraw with PayPal

Similar to the process above, the way to withdraw money varies depending on the chosen casino. Real money withdrawals are, however, likely similar regardless of the platform you use. Use the procedure below, and you will have your winnings within no time.

  1. Verify that have the exact amount or more that is required to make withdrawals by your casino. This involves ensuring that you complete wagering requirements and provide the required information to cash out.
  2. Head over to the withdrawal page and choose the amount you wish to withdraw. Choose PayPal as your preferred withdrawal option.
  3. Make a note of how much time normally elapses for processing for both the casino and PayPal.
  4. Once the winnings reflect on your PayPal account, you can either spend them from your PayPal wallet or withdraw them to your bank account.

Pros and Cons of PayPal


Similar to other online payment options, PayPal has its own good sides that make it stand out from the crowd. Generally, the merits of PayPal, by far, overcome its demerits. Here are some of the pros:

  • Speed: Transactions in PayPal are extremely fast — be they deposits or withdrawals. Although withdrawals can sometimes be slower, they are still considered fast in comparison with other platforms
  • Trust: PayPal is a global brand used by different huge organizations worldwide. It is trusted by millions of users are well as merchants in different parts of the world. You won’t have to worry about the company or your money vanishing.
  • Security: Some players fear sharing banking information with a casino. PayPal provides a solution. With the strongest encryption available, your information and funds will always be safe.
  • Usage: The platform and plug-ins provided by PayPal are easy to use regardless of the casino you are playing at. You can easily log on and check the progress in your account without a fuss.


If someone claims that something is 100% perfect, then be sure there’s more hidden in the background. No system lacks its downsides and here are the downsides of PayPal that you need to be aware of.

  • Fees and Limitations: Different fees apply to transactions carried out using PayPal. Transferring fees typically stand at 2.9% and an additional $0.30 for conversion between currencies. New accounts also have a limitation of $500 per month unless you verify the account.
  • Freezes: Every PayPal user understands this situation. It involves the freezing of an account until the owner verifies a transaction in question. This isn’t much fun especially if you have made a huge deposit or withdrawal.
  • Scams: Although not popular, scams have occurred on different PayPal users who are not careful. Spam emails are normally the medium for these scams, and if the user clicks on them, this email may result in a leak critical information. However, with common sense, all this can be avoided.

Paypal security

PayPal is among the safest options to make payments and also deposit and withdraw funds from casinos. While the platform is user-friendly, it also provides a layer of protection to protect user’s data from the casino. PayPal implements secure SSL encryption for all transactions.

Every transaction is strictly monitored by the PayPal team and any suspicious activity leads to a temporary limit and access of funds.

This limitation is lifted as soon as safety is guaranteed. However, some casinos and casino players consider this a nuisance especially if the withdrawal is large.

Purchases can also be reimbursed if products are damaged but this does not apply to PayPal casinos.

Customer support

Each online service requires customer support to help you in case you face a problem. Customer service should also provide different options available of contact.

Paypal support
Paypal support

In terms of online PayPal casinos, you might face problems that relate to either the casino or PayPal itself.

PayPal provides a 24/7 mobile phone number to contact them in case you face a problem. Furthermore, you can send mail for detailed information or fill a form available on the website.

For casino-related issues, find a way to contact your casino and this information is usually available on the casino’s help page.

Why use PayPal at online casinos?

Once you have an account with PayPal, you can transact and change currencies to different countries. Data is stored just to identify a certain person, and it’s shared with the casino or third-party platforms.

Many users find this form of anonymity important while enjoying different casino games.

Furthermore, PayPal implements the highest possible security available. Great importance is given to this factor, especially in terms of account security and data protection.

You can have money in your PayPal account similar to a bank account without any additional fees.

Advantages such as low costs and a user-friendly interface give you a reason to use PayPal casinos.


Is PayPal available for all casinos?

Not every casino on the Internet supports PayPal as a banking option due to restrictions by the company. Ensure that you go through the casino’s terms and conditions to be sure that you can use PayPal as one of the payments options to fund your casino account.

Is it safe to use PayPal for casino deposits?

PayPal is among the safest options for both depositing and withdrawing funds in an online casino. Due to its popularity within the gamers’ population, many casinos have added it as a banking option.

How Fast are PayPal Casino Withdrawals?

As soon as the casino authorizes the release of funds from your casino account, the amount appears instantly in your PayPal account. Some casinos can take between a day to three days to complete the transaction.

Is it Possible to use PayPal to Play Mobile Casino Games?

Yes. PayPal allows transactions between your account and a mobile casino. If you are using your mobile device to play these casino games, then the PayPal mobile app provides an excellent way to transact.