Temple Tumble 2


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Temple Tumble 2

Produced by Relax Gaming and released May 2022, Temple Tumble 2 is a slot game with a unique approach.

Temple Tumble 2
Temple Tumble 2

Adopting an engaging Egyptian theme with a pair of characters that you lead through the game, it offers the opportunity to win up to €10,000,000.

This article will be a Temple Tumble 2 review: explaining how it works, what you win, and answering your questions.

Theme and Design:

The slot has a unique Egyptian theme.

The game follows two characters who traverse the landscape aiming to get the Lost Legend treasure.

You help the characters clear the board and finally get to the treasure they seek.

Basic instructions:

When you start the game, you are met with a 6×6 grid.

You then place a bet starting from €0.20 up to €100.

Hitting play will then enable 1-6 symbols to appear on any of the reels of the grid. In order to win you need 3-6 matching symbols from left to right.

Cascades trigger whenever you hit the number of matching symbols.

Symbols and payout:

The basic symbol is the valueless block, which block other symbols but don’t offer any return on your bet. The K, Q, J and A symbols all offer the least value, returning between 0.05 and 0.2 of your bet.


The blue diamond is slightly more valuable, returning up to 0.3 of your bet, the green jewel returns up to 0.4 and the red diamond up to 0.5. 3 blue skulls pays out 0.2 of your bet, and 6 will give you 0.6.

The best symbol though is the red cobra which will give you 0.3 return if you match 3, and a full return if you match 6.


As you produce matches of each symbol you trigger cascades, which will clear the row of matches.

If you manage to clear the entire board you receive a bonus 6 free spins.

During those spins if you can remove all blocks and symbols you can get an additional 3 free spins.

Bonus rounds:

There are bonus rounds for each game you play, with 3 different modes you can choose between.

Temple tumble 2 bonus

A Multiplier bonus round will introduce multiplier symbols which can multiply your winnings by *1, *2 or *3, as well as offering Free Spin symbols which can give you extra free spins.

Persistent Wild rounds introduce Wild symbols which correlate with your character and can offer 5 lives if destroyed.

Fire transform blocks also enter the board which transforms your next cascade symbols into the pay symbol they show up as.

Finally a Combined round will offer all of these symbols and bonus types into a single more chaotic bonus round.

Dream drop jackpot:

Throughout the game additional DD symbols can show up that allow you a chance at a jackpot.

Dream Drop Jackpot
Dream Drop Jackpot

If you manage to get a gold DD on each reel, you will enter a Dream Drop Jackpot spin, which can earn you up to €500,000.

In order to win this Jackpot you will need the Mega reel to fill up with gold DD symbols before the others.

Although, if the other reels (Rapid, Midi, Maxi, Major) fill up before it, you still earn a jackpot, ranging between €1 to €25,000.

Temple Tumble 2 FAQ

Can you play the game for free?

Yes, the Temple Tumble 2 demo is offered by Relax Gaming and should be playable with any game site that has the game.

What is the RTP and Volatility?

The RTP is 94.8% but with a high Volatility. It is a fast paced game, and offers a lot of excitement, but should you be willing to risk a good amount in aggregate you won’t be losing extremes.

What is the most I can win?

You can win up to €10,000,000 if you stack Jackpots and get a lot of luck. But there are plenty of prizes to be won up to that point!

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