How to play online Craps

Online Craps is a form of dice game which is popularly played in informal settings and casinos. Players use a pair of dice which they place wagers on dice rolls. Players of Online Craps can bet against a set of other gamers, but they can also play against the casino.

Sometimes gamers can have their own contest outside the casino premises. This is referred to as street craps. It is not such a complicated game because you only need money in the pocket and dice. In fact, most Canadian players prefer launching the game on the sidewalks of streets as long as they can determine the winner and loser.

We have made this how to play online craps guide and below you will learn all the basic that will increase your craps skills.

How online craps works?

Nowadays, game developers have resorted to online platforms to launch games, and online craps are no exception. Several top-rated online casinos offer live craps.

If you are a participant, you will be able to see your opponents and dealers from other parts of the world.

You can even speak to them through video technology. You will also follow the results as these live dealer casino games are live-streamed from a gaming studio.

Unlike other live games like roulette and blackjack online where you have all the autonomy of control, here the dice is rolled by someone else.

Players can download the casino software and play on enabled devices, or they can run the game on a browser-based setup with a no-download format.

How to play craps online?

You can play craps online, or visit real casinos. This is one of the simplest games to play because the instructions are few and straightforward. It doesn’t matter your location; you can log into the internet and roll the dice from any online casino offering the game. First, you should learn a few basics.

These include the “passline” and “don’t passline” bets. Take note that there are more online craps bets which vary in complexity. With time, you will master them but for a start, choose the clear options.

Here is a guide that will help you play the online craps:

#1 Launch the Table: After you log into the internet, select a top-rated Canadian casino site and open the craps table. You may find a live dealer table where you interact with players instantly or just the regular table.

#2 Choose Your Stake: Pick any level of the stake that suits your budget and prepare to place your wagers.

#3 Bet on the Come-Out Roll: Take note of the ‘Off’ disk, and if it comes up, it is an indication that the game is about to begin. It is your chance to bet on the come-out roll, which is the initial step in the game. During this stage, place your wager on the passline.

#4 Watch out for the ‘Point’: If you become the winner (‘natural’) in the come-out roll, it means that you have landed A7 and 11. The loser (‘craps’) lands a 2, 3 or 12. Any other result becomes the ‘point’, and it determines your next bets within that round. So you have to be alert.

#5 Place Your Bets: Once your disk flips to indicate ‘On’, it is an indication that you need to place your bets. You have to continue placing bets until another 7 is rolled. This implies that you have more than enough chances to stack up chips before the game moves to a new round. Essentially, you can roll one round for the whole night.

Types of bets

online craps table

Passline bet

This bet implies that the money you place as your wager is the amount you can win. The “shooter” refers to the player who is rolling the dice.

Before the shooter launches the come-out roll, other opponents are allowed to place a passline bet upon the shooter’s come out roll. Opponents can only win the passline bets if the outcomes of the shooter are a 7 or an 11 (‘natural’). 

Consequently, the natural multiplies the passline bet values of the opponents by two. If the results of the shooter are 2, 3, or 12 (‘craps’), this means the passline bets are all lost.

Don’t passline bet

This is the opposite of the passline bet where bets are meant to gamble against the dice, otherwise known as “betting wrong”. A passline bet means that opponents will win if the shooter lands a 7 or an 11.

Contrarily, a don’t passline bet means that opponents are betting upon the 2, 3, or 12 results. In the come-out roll, opponents will have their wagers doubled if they win the don’t passline bet.

Other bets

Advanced players often incorporate other bets in their betting strategies. They include proposition bets, hardways bets, big 8 bets among others.

Craps odds

For a 4 or 10, you will be offered a standard amount that is 3x the passline bet. 4x the passline bet is given for a 5 and 9 while for a 6 and 8, gamers can win 5x the passline bet.

These multipliers have been established because they give the dealer an easy time to compute player payouts. Nonetheless, the odds can vary depending on the casino that you have selected.

Below we have listed the odds for possible dice combos in craps

Here we can see odds of all the possible dice combos in online craps.

table of craps odds

Online Craps Glossary

Boxman– A casino dealer who manages players and is in charge of the betting action.

Natural– occurs in the come-out roll when a shooter rolls a 7 or an 11.

Off– non-working bets on the next roll of the dice

On-Bets in action on the net roll.

Point – the betting number which has been put in place for the remaining part of the round when the results of come-out roll include a 4,5,6,8,9 or 10.

Shooter– A gamer who rolls the dice

Stickman– a casino staff who calls out the dice number.


On which platform can I play free online craps?

You can play the game on any online Canadian casino for free without risking your money.

What is the reason for low stakes in online craps?

There are no dealers needed to run the game like it is the case in brick and mortar casinos where each table has two dealers, a stickman and boxman. All these staffs are entitled to salaries, prompting the casinos to increase their stakes to cover these costs.

Is Online Craps Legal?

Most countries including Canada and the US have legalized the game.