Baccarat Rules

Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games in the world. It originated in 15th century Italy, invented by Felix Falguiere, and its name comes from the Italian term for “zero,” as the face cards have no value.

Baccarat has long been seen as an exclusive game to be played with huge stakes in Europe and the United States.


However, the transition to online casinos has made the game accessible to many new players who have never experienced the game before.

If you are looking to learn more about the game, this guide will cover all you need to know, including how to play, card values, baccarat tables, and odds when playing the game.

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How to play Baccarat?

The dealer distributes two cards face up to each player and banker, and the hand with the closest total to 9 wins.

If you wager on the player’s hand, and it comes closest to 9, your profits are doubled.

However, if you bet on the banker’s hand, and it wins, you will receive 95% of your stake back.

When the number of cards dealt is larger than 9, the two are added and one or two are subtracted to get the value.

For instance, a hand of 9 and 7 cards dealt would sum out to 16, and with the first number eliminated, the value in the game is 6.

Card values

Baccarat uses a similar card value system to blackjack.

The card values are determined based on their face value and are recorded as “points.”

Card values
Card values

The Ace is equal to 1 point in Baccarat, whereas the 10th and face cards are all equal to zero.

It can require some time to get used to, but the best way to learn is to start playing.

Here is a list of the cards and their values:

  • 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 (Face value)
  • 10-J-Q-K (0 value)
  • Ace (1 value)

The third card, unlike in blackjack, cannot bust the player, but the resulting hand may be less than the initial.

When you play the game, all of this is calculated for you. For instance, if a player’s hand has a 2 and a 3, the point value is 5.

This would cause a draw under baccarat regulations. The total is 14 if the player then draws a 9.

According to the basic Baccarat principles, the tenth digit is discarded and the new value is less than the original one.

Baccarat tables

In Baccarat, tables are classified into two types: mini-baccarat tables and big baccarat tables.

The mini-baccarat table resembles a blackjack table, with a dealer in the back and up to seven seats spread out in front for players to sit and play.

Baccarat table
Baccarat table

The action of a mini-baccarat table is straightforward, with the dealer in charge.

Each player must place their chips in the appropriate box in front of them to wager on the banker, player, or tie. The layout of the mini-baccarat table is very straightforward.

The big baccarat table is physically larger, stretching around an almost full circle to accommodate up to 12 or 14 players simultaneously.

However, the number 13 is not acceptable because of its connotation with bad luck.

With more participants, at least in actual casinos, more effort will be required to run the game, and there will most likely be not one, but two dealers and a caller to oversee the ongoing action.

You might not notice a large baccarat table configuration if you visit gambling cities.

This is because they frequently remain in VIP areas, due to the larger stakes of the game.

Playing RNG or live Baccarat?

The first major distinction between the two casino games is in their game choices. Table games are the only way to play live Baccarat.


RNG-based games include these table games, as well as a large and colourful array of slot games and other games.

As a result, it is dependent on your own demands and preferences, although both games provide entertaining real-money wagering chances.

If you want to be more social, live Baccarat games are the way to go, whereas RNG games provide a more intimate experience.

Odds when playing

Baccarat has the lowest house edge of any casino game. Although Baccarat was formerly a sophisticated game, the rules have been streamlined and players now only have to choose one of three betting alternatives.

The game’s regulations have been developed with the goal of producing a small house edge on player and banker bets and a larger edge on tie bets.

The house edge on banker wagers is 1.06%, while it is 1.36% on player bets.

Furthermore, the house edge on tie bets increases to 15.4%, but the reward is greater than the payout on banker and player bets.

In a game of Baccarat, the chances of a player’s hand winning are 44.62%, while the chances of a player losing are 45.85%. A hand has a 9.53% chance of breaking a tie.

BetHouse advantage per handHouse advantage per resolved bets
Player hand1.24%1.36%
Bank hand1.06%1.17%


How to win at Baccarat?

Start by wagering on one of the two face-down hands, either the dealers or the players. If the hand you wager on is closer to nine than the other, you win.

How to deal in Baccarat?

The house dealer deals one card to the right and one to the left in turn, until every hand has a total of two cards.

Every card is played face up. The hand to the left of the house dealer is a community hand for players who bet on the dealer line.

Can you count cards in Baccarat?

You can try to count to improve your chances of winning. It’s simple to keep your count until you decide whether the player or banker’s hand is providing somewhat more value.